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A Little Blog Update

So I’ve made the switch to self hosted and so far it has been nothing but stressful! So many people say its the best thing they’ve ever done but I just seem to be encountering one issue after another. Its knocking my confidence and making me wonder if I’m cut out for this. But I loved blogging before so am determined to persevere. I’m sorry that my blog isn’t looking its best right now. I’m working on it I promise!I seem to be getting so many spam comments. How do I stop them?!? And I’ve changed the font colour to pink like the background but its still showing as orange?!?

My site doesn’t always load as it only works with http not https, but https seems to be the default and people are struggling to load my page. And now there seems to be a .wordpress version of my site which contains all my posts pre-switch, even though they’re on the new site too. Which is totally bizarre as I paid for a domain name without .wordpress from day 1 so have never once had a .wordpress site. Is the duplication of my posts bad? Do I need to redirect people? Or delete the random site? Who knows?

Anyway the point of this post it really just an update on why things have been a little sporadic lately and an apology for my blog not looking its best. I’m working on it all I promise. And any help, tips or tricks would be very welcome!

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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