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Actually 2018, I Do Have Some Goals…

2018 was always set to be a big year, with our littlest family member due on the 3rd of January. With that huge milestone to look forward, I hadn’t really thought past those first few weeks of the new year.

However since he made his arrival 8 days early, I’ve had a bit of time to think about how the year might look for us, and actually, I do have a few goals…

Soak up our time together

My main focus this year will be to cherish every second with my teeny boy. To get to know him, to soak him up, to make the most of this previous time together and be the best Mummy I can be.

Make the most of maternity leave

Obviously mainly by spending the time with my boy, but also to do all of the things I love that are so much harder when I’m at work. I want to cook, bake, read, knit, swim and walk.

Reduce screen time

To live more in the moment and to avoid mindless scrolling. To make the top two goals more achievable.

Lose weight

Kind of a cliche at this time of year, and the fact that it always makes it on to my goals list shows just how good I am at it…

But it feels right this year; the timing is perfect. I just had a baby after all. I weighed myself yesterday morning to have a starting point (and was pleasantly surprised to be 23lbs down already since the day before I gave birth).

My body just did an incredible thing, so I’m in no rush and not putting any pressure on myself. But I’m feeling really motivated to eat well and get back to exercise when the time is right, mainly to feel healthy and good about myself.

Grow this blog

I haven’t really thought of any specific blog goals for the year ahead. All I know is that I really enjoy it as a hobby and want to continue to learn more and grow it along the way.

Do you have any goals for 2018?

Thanks for popping by.

Kimberley x

6 thoughts on “Actually 2018, I Do Have Some Goals…

  1. Great goals! I think we could all benefit from reducing screen time, there’s no need for us to be glued to our phones, living in the moment is so important! #sharingthebloglove

  2. Best of luck with all of these! I’m aiming to be more present, with my children, but especially with my husband – so many evenings we sit on the sofa both mindlessly scrolling – me through Instagram and him through Reddit. We’ve both agreed we need to put down the phones and reconnect! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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