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So I got behind with writing Teddy’s birthday letter, then missed some Me and Mine posts then all of a sudden 5 months have passed and I haven’t written anything at all. Then I realised that it doesn’t matter if my posts are in a random order and the only one setting a schedule for my blog was me, so I’m going to try start blogging again. I’m well aware that no one is waiting for a post from me! But I didn’t want to just pick up where I left of without an explanation for my absence, for my own sake when I look back through my posts in the future.

So Teddy celebrated his first Christmas and turned one in the space of two days, but unfortunately was poorly for both! He had a high temperate and was the most sad and unwell he’s ever been. So all of our plans went out of the window in favour of cuddles and naps. He took weeks to open his presents and cards. I felt quite sad about it at the time but I’m glad he was too young to understand what he was missing out on! Towards the end of January we had an NCT party to celebrate all of the babies turning one and we were back to full health by then and we had a really lovely time.

In February I turned 30! We had a lovely family morning at the farm and I spent the afternoon enjoying some spa treatments. We celebrated with a family party at home so we managed to catch up with all of the family we missed seeing over Christmas.

I also went back to work in Feb. I didn’t return to my full time teaching post after maternity leave and instead I work one day a week as a supply teacher on Tom’s day off. Thursdays are Teddy and Dada days now. Its working really well for us. I’m enjoying teaching without the added stress that usually comes with it and Teddy loves spending the day with Tom so I don’t have to worry about him at all.

We have a new rhythm to our weeks now. We don’t do as many pre-booked classes in favour of meeting friends for playgroup, swimming and parks. We try to get out every morning then come home for nap time then spend the afternoon playing at home or in the garden.

I think that’s about it! I have a few more drafts waiting to be finished including an 18 month update for Teddy (how?!?) and our switch to cloth nappies…

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