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Things I was Grateful for in April

Yes we are half way through May, and yes I am only just writing some of these never mind sharing them! I am determined to keep this up though and I will start writing them down each night too, as that’s kind of the point…

Anyway, here are the things I was grateful for in April!

  1. Meeting my friend’s new baby
  2. A lovely day with friends
  3. Leaving work early to work from home in the sunshine
  4. Dinner at a friend’s house
  5. Seeing my class enjoy the Easter Bonnet Parade
  6. Friends at work to laugh with when you find poo on the classroom floor…
  7. The last day of term
  8. Making plans for the new house
  9.  A really sunny day spent being productive in the garden
  10. A vey productive day setting up my classroom so I can switch off for the rest of the holidays
  11. A day relaxing at home
  12. Seeing wedding photos that my friend took for the first time
  13. New nail varnish and a face mask
  14. A spa day and lunch with my mum and sister then fish n chips at gran and granddad’s house
  15. A spa day and dinner with friends
  16. Hunting for Easter eggs (am I 28 or 8?!?)
  17. Snuggles with Harriet Pug, a day out with mum and dad and an evening with my sister
  18. Spending time at home
  19. Arriving at our lovely hotel in East Sussex
  20. Visiting Brighton
  21. A sunny day exploring Lewes
  22. A nice day with family in Winchester
  23. Speaking to my Gran on her birthday
  24. Catching up on Line of Duty
  25. Getting home to a bath run for me
  26. Making plans for a girl’s weekend away
  27. Seeing my friend on stage in Hairspray
  28. Friday evening before a long weekend
  29. A lovely day at home with Tom
  30. No Sunday blues because its a bank holiday weekend

Thanks for popping by

Kimberley x


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