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Things I Was Grateful for in August

There was so much to be grateful for in a whole month off work! Here are the things I was grateful for in August.

  1. A day relaxing at home.
  2. Meeting my friend’s new baby.
  3. A lovely day with my bestie.
  4. Lunch with friends.
  5. Laughing until we couldn’t breathe with my sister.
  6. Celebrating my friend’s pregnancy at her baby shower.
  7. The start of a week off with Tom.
  8. Ikea meatballs.
  9. A lovely day in Cirencester.
  10. A free upgrade to a suite just because we’re celebrating our anniversary and a gorgeous afternoon tea.
  11. A lovely fist wedding anniversary in Bath, a boat ride and 3 course dinner.
  12. Finding a lovely bird park on the way home by accident.
  13. Getting more of the (temporary) kitchen sorted.
  14. A day resting at home.
  15. A lovely day with a friend and her gorgeous boys.
  16. Another lovely day with a friend and her gorgeous boys!
  17. Everything being well at our 20 week scan.
  18. A lovely family celebration.
  19. A great day out in the Norfolk countryside.
  20. Making plans.
  21. Lots of fun in Scarborough with Zoe and Harry.
  22. Lovely day in Whitby with Zoe and Harry.
  23. Meeting up with family.
  24. Time to relax after a busy few days.
  25. A productive day.
  26. Arriving at our holiday cottage and seeing how lovely it is.
  27. A lovely day exploring.
  28. Waking up to the news of the safe arrival of our new neice.
  29. Baking cookies.
  30. Finding a lovely waterside spot.
  31. Lunch at one of our favourite places.

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