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Things I Was Grateful For in February

I’m not entirely sure where February went! I know its a shorter month but it literally just flew. I found it a little harder to keep up with this resolution to write down something I was grateful for each day than I did in January, and a few of these were written retrospectively. I really want to keep this up though so I’m going to keep my diary on my bedside table so I can be sure to write something down each day before I go to sleep.


February was a little overshadowed by the stresses of house hunting and my teaching assistant’s last day, oh and me catching slapped cheek from the children at school at the same time as our boiler breaking… But with Valentine’s Day, half term, my birthday, pancakes and family time there was still lots to be thankful for. This month I was grateful for…

  1. A whole month of a new resolution.
  2. Tom cleaning the house.
  3. A Chinese takeaway.
  4. Sunshine!
  5. Breakfast in bed and baking.
  6. FaceTime with my Dad on his birthday.
  7. Anti-histamines (random I know but this was the day I caught slapped cheek – so itchy!)
  8. Being able to stay in bed all day when I was poorly (I didn’t have much choice since I couldn’t move!)
  9. Lots of people wishing me a speedy recovery.
  10. The boiler being (temporarily) fixed, hello heating and hot water.
  11. Going to my first ever ballet
  12. A trip out in Mum and Dad’s new campervan.
  13. Being welcomed back to work after being ill.
  14. A lovely card and beautiful roses from Tom.
  15. A house full of fresh flowers.
  16. An albino daffodil.
  17. The start of half term, phew!
  18. Accepting an offer on our house (the best thing being no more viewings haha).
  19. Heading off on holiday with Tom and stopping at one of our favourite cafes for lunch.
  20. A lovely hotel room and meal out.
  21. Beautiful scenery and new places to explore, despite the disappointment of not being able to ski as there wasn’t enough snow.
  22. A wonderful birthday, on holiday, with Tom. Steam side picnic, steak dinner, lush bath, lovely walk, cards, presents and birthday messages.
  23. Lunch and cake in another favourite place before exploring a new city.
  24. Arriving home sweet home/
  25. Flowers in the post and my family coming over for belated birthday celebrations.
  26. A day spent with my family and Harriet the Pug, and a long phone chat with my Grandparents.
  27. Feeling organised and on top of things at work.
  28. Pancakes!


A month of ups and downs but still so much to be grateful for. I’m hoping to be better at keeping up with it this month!

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley  x

4 thoughts on “Things I Was Grateful For in February

  1. Aw I love the idea of writing down something you’re grateful for each day – lovely list. We’ve also been house hunting lately, it can be exhausting can’t it?! We hated the viewings too, so hard to keep the house constantly tidy! Those flowers are gorgeous x #KCACOLS

  2. Ooh what does it feel like to have slapped cheek? I hope it wasn’t too nasty. It’s always lovely to face time with parents isn’t it? I do it most days with my mum while I’m on maternity.


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