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Things I Was Grateful for in July

July was another busy month the end of the school year then the much awaiting start of the summer holidays! These are the things I was grateful for in July…

  1. Going for lunch with Tom.
  2. My mum sending me photos for my blog (bless her).
  3. A visit to the ice cream van.
  4. Last day of the first trimester.
  5. Tom running me a bath when I had a bad headache.
  6. Rediscovering enchiladas!
  7. A girly takeaway evening.
  8. Spending time in the garden in the sunshine.
  9. Finding some comfortable maternity jeans.
  10. Hearing baby’s heartbeat for the first time.
  11. Tom passing his exams and going out for dinner to celebrate.
  12. Watching my first class at this school at their Y2 leaver’s assembly!
  13. Time to pop out and get a subway for lunch (I was craving a tuna sandwich!)
  14. Lots of lovely presents and messages on my last day with my old class.
  15. Fish and chips and walks on the beach.
  16. Waking up to the sound of the sea.
  17. Good first day with my new class.
  18. A productive day at work.
  19. A relaxing bath.
  20. A good swim.
  21. The last day of term!
  22. Flowers from Tom and family birthday celebrations.
  23. Sunshiney dog walks.
  24. A day with my mum and sister.
  25. Dohnuts with friends.
  26. Exploring our new area.
  27. Booking holidays.
  28. Shopping with a friend.
  29. A really lovely lunch in Harrogate.
  30. A day at Chastworth in the sun.
  31. Spending time with my cousin and her children.

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