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Things I was Grateful for in June

June was an exciting (if stressful) month of moving house, starting the renovations, baby scans, sharing our news, family time and apparently a lot food that I particularly enjoyed! Looking back its amazing to see how much we managed to get done in the house in such a short time. It felt like a lot longer as it was happening but really we’ve made a lot of progress already. These are the things I was grateful for in June…

  1. A lovely last evening in our first home.
  2. Successful moving day.
  3. Tom working so hard to make us comfortable in our new house while we wait for work to start.
  4. Cooking a meal in our new house for the first time.
  5. A day off relaxing at home (amidst the chaos).
  6. Having a chippy down the road then the house is full of workmen until late.
  7. School dinners!
  8. An early night after a week of workmen being at the house late.
  9. Friends at work.
  10. Plans for a new bathroom.
  11. A lovely home cooked meal.
  12. A new light pull in the bathroom (this made me stupidly happy!)
  13. Finally being able to sleep in our own bed again, so comfy!
  14. Seeing our healthy baby for the first time at our scan and actually knowing its real! Then sharing our news with family.
  15. Honey and lemon.
  16. Getting reports finished.
  17. Ordering our new bathroom and tell my Gran our news (she wasn’t sure Grandad could keep the secret!).
  18. Family time in the sunshine celebrating Father’s Day.
  19. Friends helping me to try and win a competition (we didn’t win though!)
  20. Happy post.
  21. An early night.
  22. My sister reassuring me when I was worried.
  23. Getting to see our baby again at another scan.
  24. Work starting on our new bathroom.
  25. Mum and Dad visiting (and bringing peonies), visiting a local fair and having a bath in a bath that no one had ever had a bath in before!
  26. Swimming for the first time in forever and loving it.
  27. Lovely comments after sharing our new online.
  28. Lying in the bath listening to the rain outside.
  29. The sweetest parcel from the loveliest friend.
  30. Fish finger Friday!


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