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Things I was Grateful for in March

A bit late with this one, I’m not sure where time has gone so far this month. If I’m honest I was a bit rubbish at keeping up with writing my gratitude diary in March, and lots of these were written retrospectively, but I really want to keep up this habit and I love reading back on the little things, so I’m going to persevere!

These are the things I was grateful for in March…

  1. Feeling organised and on top of things at work
  2. A day celebrating books.
  3. Lesson observation going ok.
  4. Lazy Saturdays.
  5. Feeling ready for the week ahead.
  6. Making plans.
  7. A long soak in the bath.
  8. All the strong women I’m lucky enough to know
  9. Lighter evenings.
  10. Friday evenings, because they’re my favourite.
  11. My car passing its MOT.
  12. Breakfast in bed.
  13. A good book.
  14. A compliment on my blog photos
  15. Hope.
  16. A good deal on a hotel booking.
  17. A hug when I needed one.
  18. A day of catching up, shopping and eating with my best friend.
  19. A rainbow.
  20. Dinner with friends.
  21. The plumber who fixed the exploding radiator before too much damage was done.
  22. Going to see Beauty and the Beast with friends.
  23. Seeing Tom before work when I didn’t think I would
  24. An hour by myself.
  25. A sunny day spent with family
  26. My Mum!
  27. A walk through the park to the library after work, in daylight!
  28. Being thanked at parents’ evening.
  29. A long soak in the bath listening to the rain outside.
  30. Getting close to the end of DECHOX.
  31. A good weight loss this week.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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