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Things I was Grateful for in May

May felt like a month where it was important to focus on the positives and the good and be grateful for everything you have. Here are the things I was grateful for in May…

  1. A bank holiday Monday
  2. Fitting lots into my evening after work
  3. Tom sorting out so much of the house moving stuff and sending me a lovely message
  4. A nice sunny evening walk
  5. An amazing house to stay in for our weekend and fish n chips
  6. Lots of fun and laughs with friends
  7. More laughs
  8. Walking through the park to the library after work
  9. Feeling organised at work
  10. Getting my hair cut
  11. My friend coming to stay
  12. Dinner with a friend
  13. A long soak in the bath with a good book and help with my blog when I was feeling stressed
  14. A good sleep
  15. Beans on toast for lunch
  16. Friends at work
  17. Tom driving round for ages to park my car for me when the street was busy because of football
  18. Productive PPA
  19. Mortgage being confirmed
  20. A lovely day celebrating our friends’ wedding
  21. Family time
  22. An early night
  23. My sister being safe
  24. A meeting going well
  25. Tom sorting out the last bits ready to exchange on the house
  26. The last day of term and exchanging on the new house
  27. Getting to clean our new house before we move in
  28. BBQ with the extended family
  29. Dog walks
  30. A lovely day spent with my sister
  31. Making a good start on packing and moving

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