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Week 1 Slimming World Update

I’ve been back on plan for a whole week now and today is weigh day! Read on to find out how I’ve been getting on…


My meals have been pretty much on plan all week, I’ve done pretty well and drinking lots of water, and over the weekend I exceeded my step goal of 10,000 on both days!


I might have had a McDonalds on Thursday before the theatre, and a little too much chocolate has snuck in to my mouth too.

Favourite Meal

I’ve been loving this cod, bacon and lentil dish from the latest Slimming World magazine. High protein, low carb and very quick to make, as well as being syn free. Tom enjoyed it too, which is always a bonus!

So how did I get on…

I’m pleased to say I’ve lost 2lbs this week! Meaning I now have 25 to go until target.

Aims for the week ahead

I want to get out for at least one jog, drink two hydratem8s every day and aim to lose 2lbs (even though I’m away in Whitby over the weekend!)

If you want to see more of my slimming world journey, I post my meals on my Slimming World Instagram account = SynfullySlimming.


Thanks for popping by,


Kimberley x



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