5 Tips For a Successful Sleepy Transfer

On the first couple of nights Teddy was home he would not be put down alllll night. He was far too happy sleeping on me, but that meant me sitting up all night watching Coronation Street and eating Quality Street! As much fun as that was, I needed some sleep, so went about researching the best tips to transfer a sleeping baby into their cot. These were the best ones I found…

1. Make the cot smell like you

Your smell is really comforting to your baby so I used a t-shirt I’d been wearing as a sheet for the SnuzPod

2. White noise

The womb is not a silent place which is why white noise is so comforting to baby. We just use a white noise app on an old iPhone. Although there are lots of white noise machines on the market.

3. Hot water bottle

You are all warm and cosy, the cot is not. No wonder baby wakes up. We found warming up the cot with a hot water bottle really helped (obviously remove it before putting the baby in there!)

4. Lower slowly

So there is no rush of cold air between your body and your baby’s and no sudden change to startle then awake.

5. Swaddle

Swaddling prevents the startle reflex from waking your baby up. Traditional swaddling didn’t really work for Teddy since he loved his hands from a young age. The Swaddle Up from Love to Dream allows your baby to self soothe with their hands whilst still preventing the startle reflex.

Teddy still ends up in our bed at some point during the night but these tips allowed us to put him down in his SnuzPod initially and saved me from sitting up all night holding a sleeping newborn!

Do you have any top sleep tips? I’d love to hear them, Teddy still wakes up very regularly through the night!

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips For a Successful Sleepy Transfer

  1. We found all of these tips fantastically useful and actually we’ve rarely struggled with putting Ben down (keeping him asleep is another matter!). I thought the SwaddleUP was such a great invention, especially in those early days when they have such a strong startle reflex and they do want their hands as a source of comfort. We had a Snuzpod, a Sleepyhead, quite a few white noise machines and the SwaddleUP too! But I think Ben ranks up there with the worst sleepers 🙂 My top tip though – even the worst of them do improve eventually! Thanks so much for joining us at our last #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. My eldest I fell into the habit of putting her down asleep in her cot and that meant she couldn’t self settle when she woke in the night. With my youngest I did this straight away and it made my life so much easier. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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