A Baby and a Fiat 500: Can it be Done?

The short answer is yes! You can have a baby and a Fiat 500. When my beloved little green Peugeot finally gave in three years ago and I was forced to buy a new car I was determined that only a black Fiat 500 would cheer me up! Tom warned me that a 3 door car wasn’t the best idea but I chose not to listen!

Fast forward to last summer when we started to prepare for the arrival of our first baby, and the reality started to sink in! The Fiat 500 is preeeeety small and the three doors do make things pretty awkward. I was however pretty attached to it and not really in a position to buy a new car, so was determined not to be beaten!

After lots of research and testing I found the winning car seat and pram combo which I’m going to share with you, along with a few extras that make car travel with a newborn easier.

The Pram – Bugaboo Bee 5

It’s was quite a strange experience shopping for a pram with the main criteria being that it fits in your very small car! But luckily the Bee ticked all of my other boxes too (suitable from birth, parent and world facing, adjustable handlebar, easy to fold and looks good!).

The Bee folds super easily and fits in the 500 boot either lying flat or on its side. With the toddler seat it folds in one piece but we opted for the bassinet to use with a newborn which has to be taken off to fold the chassis. I was expecting to have to put the bassinet into the car but was very pleasantly surprised to discover that if you lie the chassis flat the bassinet will lie on top of it and the boot still shuts! So yes you can fit the WHOLE pram including a newborn bassinet into the Fiat 500 boot without so much as removing a wheel.

The Car Seat – Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix

You can, just about, fit the Cabrio Fix begins the passenger seat of the Fiat 500. The seat needs to be as far forward as possible and folded forwards to, but it does fit! It has become much easier of time, whether this be by practise or because the passenger seat gets more flexible I’m not sure! Getting an isofix base is a must as it saves you having to clamber into the back to secure the car seat with a belt each time. The Cabrio Fix will also sit on the Bee chassis if you purchase the separate adaptors. The Pearl is lighter, but don’t be fooled as it’s wider so doesn’t fit past the front passenger seat!

Don’t be fooled by that face, this kid HATES the car!

The Accessories

Car Mirror

Having a safely mirror to enable you be see baby from the front gives great piece of mind. When I first started taking Teddy out in the car by myself I couldn’t decide what to was worse, silence or screaming! Now I’m using this car mirror from Safety 1st, if Teddy is quiet I can check that’s he’s happy or sleeping, and if he’s screaming I can make sure that there’s nothing wrong (other than him hating the car!). The mirror is really easy to attach and position to ensure you have a really good view of your baby by just looking in the rear view mirror.

The Blanket

The Cocoon Babies blanket fits into the car seat with holes for the straps to feed through, allowing you to keep baby really snuggly and warm in their car seat without compromising the safely of the straps, like you would with a thick padded coat. It’s proved invaluable with this never ending winter we’ve been having and is also great when you use the car seat on the pram chassis as a travel system.

So this is how we’re getting out and about with a baby and a Fiat 500! I’m not sure what we’ll do when he needs the next size up car seat though… any suggestions?

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

You can find the toddler version of this post here!

We were kindly sent the Safety 1st mirror and Cocoon Babies blanket for inclusion in this post.
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28 thoughts on “A Baby and a Fiat 500: Can it be Done?

  1. Hi, I would love a Fiat 500 the mirror is a great addition to the car. I wonder if they do a grown up version of the blanket to wrap up in when it’s cold #sharingthebloglove

  2. That’s impressive. I decided I quite fancied an Audi A1 when I was first pregnant with Pops and my husband just laughed at me! Even with my VW Tiguan the buggy takes up the majority of the boot!!! #coolmumclub x

  3. It’s amazing how much space baby paraphernalia can take up – but you have totally nailed it! We went for the family wagon qashqai after cramming for 6 months or so into a corsa – it was heaven having space again!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

  4. This is really impressive – I remember panicking about fitting the pushchair in our BMW 1 series, I’d never have thought the Bee would fit in a Fiat 500! I do find car seats really difficult though, I can’t imagine dealing with one in a 3 door car – I struggle enough as it is! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. Aww, look at his smile 🙂 I have a small car and my main factor when buying a pram was getting it to fit in the boot. I really didn’t think you’d fit one in a Fiat 500, but I’m pleased you’ve proved me wrong. #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. Ah, he’s adorable!! I don’t drive so I was totally distracted by baby. The blanket is also lovely and I could do with one of those come winter

  7. Hi Kimberley,
    I too have a black Fiat 500 and now pregnant, way too attached to get rid of it. This post is so so useful, thank you!!! ?? Would love to see a follow up of the next size up? ?

    1. Yay! I’m glad you found it useful. We’ve just moved to the next car seat so I’ll write an updated post. Congratulations on your pregnancy, when are you due? x

  8. Hi Kimberly,
    What isofix base did you use in your Fiat 500 with the CabrioFix carseat? And I’m guessing you used the base in the back?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi. Yes we used it in the back. It is either the easy fix or the family fix. I think the easy fix. I’ll double check when Teddy is up from his nap! x

      1. I would also love to know.. I also have a fiat 500 and currently looking into which car seat and isofix base to use 🙂

  9. I have a fiat 500c, so the boot is even tinier than the 500! I also have the cabriofix car seat and I chose the egg pram based on the fact I too did not want to change my car haha, it just fits. Will be interested to see which car seat you have now :).

  10. Hey, I’d love your advice on a car seat after the cabriofix! I have an 11 week old who is in a cabriofix which fits perfectly but I’m confused about the choice of car seat after he’s out of a 0+ car seat. Do you have any recommendations?

    (Fab post by the way! The amount of nasty comments I had when I said I was definitely not getting rid of my car when I was pregnant! The look on people’s faces when I pull a pram out of the boot and a car seat from the back is priceless!)

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