Teddy at 10 Months

Teddy is 10 months old!

The most exciting development from the past month is that Teddy took his first steps! A couple of weeks ago he was sat on my knee, stood himself up and started walking towards my sister. I screamed and picked him up haha and Zoe and I both cried. It was just so unexpected. He’s done a few solo steps since between people or towards the sofa but still prefers to walk holding your hands or with you holding his waist to he can still pick things up! He will walk for hours if you let him! He also loves pushing his toddle truck along. I thought that would be the end of any attempts to crawl but he’s actually been getting better at that too and can now crawl short distances, albeit with one leg tucked under not doing very much. Teddy can now sit up from lying down and can stand from sitting on your knee. He will stand unaided for quite a long time, often shrieking and flapping his arms.

Teddy is starting to babble more now, making bababa and mamama sounds, along with his usual shrieking, shouting, screaming and brrrrrr noises.

Daddy is definitely the favourite at the moment, I’m trying not to be offended! As soon as Teddy sees Tom he just wants to be with him, I think its because Tom will walk him around for ages ha! He sometimes even cries if Tom passes him back to me which isn’t very nice. He enjoys spending time with me the rest of the time though!

Teddy still loves food and we’ve introduced a snack in the afternoon as he was starting to be noticeably hangry after his second nap. We’re still breastfeeding too, and he’ll still biting! He has 6 teeth now. He hasn’t been weighed since last month and is still in 9-12 clothes and 4/5 nappies.

Our routine is also still the same as last month, bed at 6.30/7 and waking any where between 6 and 8am (with lots of feeds overnight still). He has his first nap 3 hours after he wakes up and the next one 3 hours after that, usually napping for longer in the morning that the afternoon. He has most of his naps in the pram. Who knows what will happen when the clocks change at the weekend though.

Teddy’s favourite activities are waking, taking things out of bags, boxes and cupboards (and more recently putting them back in too) and watching the washing machine. He still prefers random household items to toys.

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved.

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