Teddy at 11 Months

I can’t believe that next time I write one of these updates my baby will be 1!

He walks! As the past month went on Teddy got more and more confident in walking away from me into an open space, instead of just a short distance to another person or the sofa, and now he just walks and walks! He seems to get better everyday and falls less and less. He can also stand up completely by himself which was quite a shock the first time I turned around and saw him standing in the middle of the kitchen! He still takes me by surprise sometimes when I hear a little pitter patter and he walks around the corner. I think he looks too short and tiny to be walking and it’s just the cutest thing. He loves to carry things around and push them about in his toddle truck and will follow me everywhere.

His feet are too round and pudgy to fit into any shoes just yet so he’s only been able to walk inside. We did try to get him some shoes but he won’t take a single step wearing them and I think they might actually be too tight across his instep.

Teddy at 11 months is just my best friend. He’s so happy and smiley and cheeky and I love spending my days with him. In the morning when we first go downstairs he will choose some books them sit on my knee while we read. He loves to turn the pages, lift the flaps and explore the textures in the ‘That’s not my…’ books. He’s super ticklish and I love to make him giggle. Now he can walk he will potter around playing independently for quite a while. He loves the washing machine, emptying cupboards and the recycling. We’ve still been going to a story group and our music group but he often walks off and leaves me by myself!

Our routine is pretty much the same as last month and he’s still in the same size clothes and nappies. No new teeth to report this month although the past couple of days he’s starting biting again so I wonder if some are on the way! Still loving food, still breastfeeding, still not sleeping. Ha!

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved.

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