Teddy at 5 Months

Teddy is 5 months old! He is so smiley and happy and alert. He always wants to interact and engage with people and is very sociable and chatty.

Teddy loves to be sitting up and looking around. He can’t yet sit unaided but sits well with support and has used a high chair for brief periods. We’ve moved him into the seat part of the Bugaboo since he has never really enjoyed the bassinet, and he LOVES it! The first time we went out he was happy shrieking the whole way and will fall asleep in it if he’s tired (and then it lies down flat).

I’d noticed that Teddy liked to pull a blanket or muslin towards his face and hold on to it while he sleeps so I’ve been giving him this bunny comforter at nap times. I’m hoping it will help him to be more settled in the car (yes he still hates it!). Everything still ends up in his mouth and if he doesn’t have a toy he will chomp on his hands. I can’t believe that this time next month we’ll be thinking about weaning! At the moment he is still exclusively breastfed.

We had our first giggles this month and it was just the cutest thing ever. Completely out of the blue while I was trying some shoes on him, which I guess is pretty funny since babies don’t really need shoes! He’s only laughed once more since and that was today, but he is always pretty smiley.

I finally managed to get rid of his very thick cradle cap this month with some oil and angling the bush! It literally came right off. Although his scalp is starting to get dry again so I’m hoping it doesn’t come back.

Teddy was weighed again at 20 weeks (since he was doing some strange poos and being sick quite often which he never used to be) and was 14lbs 15 and still following the 25th centile. He wears 3-6 month clothes still and size 3 nappies, although we’ve been using size 4 at night and will probably move to them during the day soon too.

We’re still in the same lose routine as last month although Teddy will sometimes be awake for 3 hours between his short naps now. Some nights he’s still waking every hour and a half and others he will have some longer blocks of 2-3 hours. He has done 6 hours twice but both times I missed the beginning of the big sleep because it was from early evening before I was in bed! We’re pretty much co-sleeping full time and the snuzpod has become some handy storage for clean washing, oops.

We’ve still been enjoying swimming, music and massage and this month we’re going to start a sensory group too.

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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