Teddy at 6 Months

6 months. 26 weeks. Half a year. 182 days. How?!? Just how did that happen?

I always said newborns were my favourite but I am just loving this age. My little hip sitter, the cheeky smiles, the personality. He’s just so much fun! Oh and still sleeps like a newborn at night just in case I was missing that. I really wouldn’t miss the 7-8 wake ups a night (its been hourly over the last two weeks without a single long stretch, ouch!). I promise I could cope with sleeping through!

‘Wow what blue eyes’ and ‘Aw he’s so smiley’ are the things we hear the most. He has a smile for pretty much anyone, although he’ll often turn to look at me or Tom to check its ok first. He’s not quite so forthcoming with his giggles but its my favourite sound. His Daddy gets a lot of giggles and if you blow raspberries on his tummy they’re pretty much guaranteed.

Teddy seemed to forget how to roll for most of this month but then suddenly remembered last night. This morning he celebrated his half birthday by rolling back to front for the first time. I keep thinking he can sit unaided, because he doesn’t touch the side of the sofa or the cushion, but he seems to need the cushion there all the same. He’s happy and comfortable in a high chair for a long time now, which is good because we are going to start baby-led weaning this week, which I am so excited for. Although I’ll miss his milky breath when he starts to eat food (is that weird? Ha!). He’s still been exclusively breastfed up until now and I’m allowing myself to be a little bit proud of that achievement.

I was surprised to see his first tiny tooth make an appearance a couple of weeks ago. One day there was a white, slightly indented line on his gum, the next day it was sharp! The second one seems to be causing him a bit more bother though and is taking much longer to come through the gum. We gave him some teething granules for the first time last night which seemed to help. The right one is still very short too. Teddy saw the dentist for the first time last week and he said it can take a month to reach its full height, so I’ll stop checking every 5 minutes or so! Literally everything goes to his mouth, its like he’s no even sure something is real until he’s tasted it. It made taking this month’s photos a bit harder as I wanted a smile, but he wanted to chew his hands. Oh and there is so much drool!

The last time Teddy was weighed was before his 5 month update (oops) so I can’t update on that. He has moved up to size 4 nappies and should really be in his 6-9 month clothes but I’m not quite ready to pack the old ones away just yet.

We are still loving our music class, Teddy will bang the drum and shake the bells and loves interacting with the other babies. We haven’t made it swimming this month which is a shame but hoping to get back to it soon. We’ve been doing a sensory style class too, which he mostly enjoys, but if I don’t time nap time just right he’s has enough before the end. His favourite toys are a petite filous spoon I got for free in an Emma’s Diary pack, my phone, the remote controls or anyone’s glass, can or water bottle. He also loves to starch things and the noise goes right through me! He’s also learnt to scream and do a rather strange inhaling noise. He still has a fake cough for when he’s cross.

We’re still on a very loose schedule. Teddy usually wakes around 6, then after an hour and a half is ready for a nap. This can be up to an hour and half if I go back to bed with him (which is very much appreciated after the terrible nights we’ve been having!). Then he’s awake for 1.5-2 hours then napping for 25-45 minutes for the rest of the day before a roughly 7pm bedtime. I go up to bed with him at this point as he will no longer settle on me downstairs and we’re yet to buy a monitor. I’m expecting a slightly more structured routine to eventually emerge as we introduce mealtimes.

Touching all of the wood here but recently he has been much better in the car. Or maybe I’m just better at timing it with nap time. If I know he’s ready to sleep anyway and I play white noise we’re usually ok. We got the train to stay with my sister just in case, which to be honest he didn’t seem to like either. But he loves sitting up in his pram and looking around, which made exploring Manchester easier and lots of fun. He enjoyed the bus too. Teddy went to his first ever wedding this month and looked so adorable in his braces and bow tie. He also wished his Daddy a happy first Father’s Day!

He’s so interested in everything and I’m loving watching him learn new things.

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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