Teddy at 7 Months

6 months feels like a major milestone, on the horizon for ages, but 7 months really crept up on me! I think the most exciting development this month is weaning. We started baby led weaning a couple of days after Teddy turned 6 months and we’re loving it! He’s doing so well and took to it straight away. He’s already progressed so much from having food cut into finger sized strips to picking up tiny things like quartered grapes. This week he’s learnt to drink water out of a sippy cup by himself too. He’s tried everything and seems to like most things, I’m absolutely loving cooking for him (we all eat the same but its encouraged me to try new recipes!) and I could watch him eat alllll day.

The night he first licked some broccoli he finally stopped waking hourly… although it probably had more to do with the second tooth finally arriving! I love his two tiny bottom tooth but I don’t want him to get anymore just yet because he’ll look too grown up, but I get the feeling they wont be long. Sleep has been all over the place as usual this month but maybe the best its ever been. He actually slept through (9pm-6am) once last week, I didn’t tell anyone in case I jinxed it but it didn’t happen again anyway. There have been a few nights where we’ve had a 6 hour stretch which I am so grateful for. He’s roughly going to bed at 7 and getting up at 7 with a longer morning nap (up to 2 hours if I nap with him) and one or two shorter afternoon naps, although his bedtime had crept as late as 9pm some days but as long as he’s happy in the evening that’s fine by me. On a couple of nights he’s been crying in his sleep which could be teeth but we woke him up once and then he was happy so now worried it was a nightmare which breaks my heart a little.

I still haven’t had him weighed (if I’m this bad with baby number 1 there’s no hope for any future babies!) but he’s in 6-9 month clothes and size 4 nappies (4+ at night after a couple of leaks!).

Teddy can sit completely unaided now and will happily watch me potter around the kitchen while he plays with his toys. He’s started to do a lot of bashing and hitting things together and loves to take the toys out of the box. If you’re near him he will frantically grab for your hands to pull himself up as he wants to be on his feet the whole time but cant quite manage it himself yet. He’s found a very loud screaming noise to show that he’s exciting and has started to make lots of new sounds too.

Appearance wise his eyes are still so blue and his hair has definately been growing and getting lighter. I think he often looks like Tom but there are some photos where he looks just like me as a baby.

Teddy has been on two holidays this past month. His first trip to the seaside in Bacton where he ate and slept so well, the sea air suited him and the waves provided excellent white noise all night. He enjoyed the beach and really surprised me by not even trying to eat the sand. He also went ‘camping’ although we actually just spent two days out in the Peak District with my mum and dad but spent the night at home as he was having a run of waking up upset and I didn’t want to wake the whole campsite or spend hours pacing up and down in a campervan.

We’re still loving our classes and Teddy got his first certificate for completing a term of Rhythm Time. After swimming a couple of times this month and loving it, I’m determined to make it a more regular thing again now that Teddy can last in the water for much longer. Snacks also make getting changed afterwards so much easier and as most groups are finished for the summer it will be nice to still have an activity to do.

Teddy is still all smiles and a little quicker to giggle too. He definately prefers me or Tom to anyone and will reach out to us if someone else is holding him, he also puts his arms up to be picked up which is just so cute. Sometimes if other people talk to him he bury his head into my shoulder as though he’s shy.

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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