Teddy at 8 Months

My blue-eyed blonde-haired boy is 8 months old!

Teddy’s hair is growing by the day I swear and he now has his top 2 middle teeth too, he’s starting to look very grown up! He’s still in 6-9 clothes and 4/4+ nappies and when I roughly weighed him myself at home this week he was around 19lbs.

Teddy will happily sit and play for a long time now, until you get anywhere near him then he’s reaching out for your hands to help him stand, just like last month. He’ll bite your hand while you help him to stand too. He’s not showing any signs of crawling though!

The cutest thing this month has to be Teddy learning to clap. He just started one day and it’s adorable. I don’t think he knows what it means, he just enjoys clapping, but it does look like he’s clapping you or himself for doing something well! If I’m carrying him on my hip and he spots something he likes he will lean right about to smile in my face which is very sweet.

Sleep has been terrible the past week or so, with Teddy walking every 1-2 hours all night. I think maybe I can see a 5th tooth about to make an appearance and we’re also in Leap 6 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about look up Wonder Weeks!). Sometimes he won’t feed back to sleep and when I rock him he reaches his arms around my neck for a cuddle. Routine wise he’s still roughly sleeping 7-7 (with a lot of wake ups!) and will have a longer morning nap around 9.30ish and a shorter afternoon nap at around 3. Obviously today he’s doing something totally different just to prove me wrong though.

This boy still loves his food and is so good at feeding himself, I’m so glad we fully embraced the Baby Led Weaning route. He has tried such a wide range of food and the only thing he doesn’t seem to like is egg. He drinks from his cup like a pro. You can’t eat anything without sharing or he tries to take it out of your mouth. If he’s sat on your knee he just helps himself from your plate as though it’s no big deal. We’re still breastfeeding too.

Teddy is really aware of sounds and is very easily distracted by them. He knows that foot