Teddy at One Month

One whole month! I can hardly believe it. (I suspect I’m going to be saying that every month!) He’s already changed so much in this short space of time. We’re starting to find our feet and get to know each other, settling in our own little routine.

I use routine in the loosest sense of the word, as we don’t really have one. Teddy is still relatively unpredictable and no two days or nights have been the same. However we have got better at reading his cues and knowing what it is he needs.


Everyone wants to know about sleep don’t they, we are getting some! The first two nights we brought him home, Teddy wouldn’t be put down at all. So I spent them forcing myself to stay awake with TV and quality street! Things have definitely improved since then, but are still very up and down and we never know what kind of night we will get. Teddy will happily be put down in his SnuzPod now, it’s just how long he stays there that is the question!

There’s no pattern to his waking up. Sometimes he will sleep for a stretch of 2-3 hours, but usually less than that. He’s been snuffly and had a bit of a cold and there was one night where he woke every 45 minutes. That was rough! But then for the past couple of nights, after some saline drops and nasal aspiration(!) he slept for a stretch of 3 hours at first, before waking hourly. This is the closest to a consistent routine we’ve had. During the day he will happily sleep for 3 hour stretches, occasionally even 4, so I’m trying to get some naps in during the day too.

Teddy now has some longer awake periods during the day, which is really lovely. He’s alert and looking around and has started to focus more too. He loves looking at light an shadows as well as his black and white books. He will look at our faces more now too and this week I got my first genuine smile as I was chatting away to him.


Feeding has been going really well, which I’m so grateful for, I know how lucky I am. I’ve exclusively breast fed and so far there have been no problems. He latches well, my supply seems to meet his demand and I’ve had no problems with pain. I’m not taking it for granted at all, I know it’s never too late for us to encounter problems, but I’m enjoying this journey and taking each day as it comes. He will occasionally get a little fussy and pull off and cry before feeding again, and we’re not sure why, but it’s not every time and we manage to console him and carry on the feed.

Teddy hates having his nappy changed and being dressed or undressed. For the first few weeks he would literally scream every time, as though we were torturing him. He has got better and we’ve had some perfectly happy changes. It helps to catch him at the right time and to distract him with singing or his books. He does have a bad habit of weeing out of the side of his nappy though, even though I’m sure I’m putting them on right!

We were discharged from the midwife at two weeks as he was gaining weight well. He initially dropped 7% of his birth weight, going down to 6lbs 4oz, but then was up to 7lbs 7oz when we were discharged! He still seems small to me, which I love, but I can feel him getting heavier. He’s still wearing newborn clothes, even 0-1 months are a bit too big, but he has grown out of the few ‘small baby’ items he has. He still loves to sleep curled up on my chest and I’ll be really sad when he’s too old to do that!

Teddy had his first bath at nearly 4 weeks old. His cord came off after 3 or 4 days but we didn’t feel in a rush to bath him. He wasn’t happy at first, mainly due to being undressed, but then relaxed into it and seemed to enjoy it. He then didn’t like being taken out! He has started to have a few spots and some peeling skin, and is also loosing a little bit of hair, mainly at the front where he likes to rest his head on my shoulder. His hair seems to be a similar colour to mine, a light brown, and his eyes are blue. Tom and I both have blue eyes so I’m expecting them to stay.

We’ve been enjoying getting out and about a little more. He instantly falls asleep in his pram. The car seat is a little hit and miss and he has been hysterical on a couple of occasions. Since Tom went back to work after paternity leave we have managed a few trips out just the two of us and the independence feels great.

We finally got around the registering him yesterday. We took 17 days to decide to call him Teddy and even longer to decide his ‘official’ name.

He is Theodore Edward Welbank and he is so very loved.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

3 thoughts on “Teddy at One Month

  1. Aww he’s adorable. You’re very clearly in your newborn bubble. So glad that the feeding is going well which I think was my biggest challenge with my daughter to begin with. I cannot wait for newborn cuddles – such little time wasters! #bumpsandbabies

  2. What a gorgeous way to document his monthly milestones. Love the outfits and the cuddles. Oh so exciting I can’t wait for my little boy to arrive now. It goes by fast enjoy and soak every second of it up. Thank you so much for linking up to #bumpsbabies

  3. Thank you Kimberley and baby Teddy for sharing Teddy at One Month post and adorable images. He is precious.

    What’s your favorite time with Baby Teddy so far?

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