Teddy at Three Months

Teddy is now 3 months old and doesn’t really seem so newborn anymore. When do I have to stop calling him a newborn?!?

He has much longer awake periods and is so smiley and chatty. Daddy gets the biggest smiles. Teddy has the most expressive face!

He has found his hands and loves to chomp on them all day long, it’s a really serious business! His hands smell like white chocolate buttons. This past week he’s also realised he can join his hands together. He’s started to grab things more purposefully and has more of an interest in toys. He wants to be sat as upright as possible all of the time and is always pushing himself as far forward as he can, almost folding himself in half. Tummy time still doesn’t go down well but he will tolerate it for a little longer. His arms and legs are always moving and he’s rarely still.

Teddy is now in size 3 nappies but still wearing 0-3 clothes. Not for much longer though I don’t think, his legs are getting too long for them. I haven’t taken him to be weighed since his last update but he feels heavier ha! He’s still exclusively breastfed.

He’s met more family members this month and we celebrated our first Mother’s Day together while Tom was away on a stag do.

He had a bad cold for a couple of days with really runny eyes and nose. It made him pretty upset and unsettled for a few nights. His cradle cap is still there too but seems to be drying up so will hopefully be gone soon.

Teddy will now sleep for longer stretches at night, usually sleeping for 1.5-4 hours at a time. We are still co-sleeping for most of the night. He also has longer daytime naps, especially in the sling.

He’s realised he can be awake in the sling now and enjoys having a good look around. He’s still very up and down in the car. We’ve had to cancel our plans a couple of times and have both turned up crying at others. We took the foam wedge out of the newborn insert as his feet reached the end of the car seat and he looked a bit folded in half.

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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