Teddy at Two Months

Teddy is two months old already! We’re still in no routine at all which can be tricky at times but I’m still happy to follow his lead. Sometimes we think we’re in a routine, like when he went to sleep at 8.30pm for a 4-5 hour stretch for a few nights in a row, but as soon as we think we know what’s happening it changes again (hello wake ups every hour and a half!).

Teddy has much longer awake times now and loves to smile and chat to us, he makes the cutest little noises. He will watch us walking around the room, following us with his eyes, and turns to us when we talk. Sometimes he will smile just when he sees us without us having to work for it, and he also smiles up at me when feeding which just melts my heart. He can still be fussy at times and doesn’t always like to be passed around to other people for cuddles.

When he’s awake and happy, Teddy will sit in the bouncer for a while which is great when I need to get ready. He’s started to show an interest in toys too so we bought him a play gym this week which he loves.

Teddy has always been up and down in his car seat and the other week he was particularly hysterical on a couple of journeys, however this past week he’s been really happy to be in there, awake or asleep. It makes going out much less stressful so I hope it lasts. He’s also a bit unpredictable about his pram so we always have a sling on standby too.

After wearing newborn clothes for so long, Teddy has finally moved up to 0-3 month clothes, and size 2 nappies, and it made me a bit sad! He suddenly seems quite long but isn’t really very chubby, although a second chin is starting to make an appearance. He was weighed today at his first set of injections (emotional and lots of sick after the calpol!) and is now 11lbs 2oz.

Teddy had his first night away this month at my parents’ house and met his great-granparents and other great aunties and uncles too. He also had his first mini break at a hotel in Wetherby. We found it a bit stressful being on edge all the time but I don’t think he realised he was anywhere different.

We’ve been enjoying getting out and about meeting up with friends, but make sure to have one day at home a week too. We go out for lunch with our NCT friends regularly and have been attending some ‘4th trimester’ workshops but no formal classes as of yet, although we might start some too. Which types of classes or groups are best for 2 months olds?

Teddy has got more used to his bath now and will smile while he’s in the water. After his most recent bath he didn’t even cry when we took him out! He also LOVES having his nappy changed now too. His milk spots have cleared up but now he has some cradle cap.

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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