Teddy You Are One (and a Half)!

My darling boy you are 18 months old! I never quite finished your birthday letter so I’m writing to you for your half-birthday instead!

Wow, where to begin. You are our super smiley ray of sunshine, our blonde haired, blue eyed boy. I still very much want to call you a baby but you really are a toddler now and I don’t think I can deny it much longer. We see more and more of your personality every day; you are so confident and independent and able. You know what you want and can be very determined.

We spend our weeks together, apart from Thursdays, they’re Teddy and Dada days while I work. You love to be outside and I love to watch you explore. You can spend ages pottering around the garden, pouring water and digging in the ground. We also love to go for walks and even better if friends join us too. You’re becoming really sociable and I love to see you interacting with other children, gesturing and smiling away. For now you like to share, you take toys over to others and even tried to share your picnic with some older children at the park (it broke my heart when they ignored you!). When the weather isn’t great we go to play centres instead and also go to playgroup once a week. You can be a little shy with unfamiliar adults and in new situations but you love to see your friends.

Dada is still your favourite! Your face lights up when you see him and you either run over for a hug or put on a little performance of tricks when you see him. For a while you’d be upset when he left for work but now you get a kiss goodbye in the hall then we wave from the window and that works well. You like to copy everything he does, he once put his t-shirt over his shoulder in the garden and its how you’ve carried all clothes since. He is also the reason you go ‘ahhhh’ after taking a drink from an open cup and pretend to swig from the milk bottle. It was me that taught you to cheers though, you got a lot of laughs when you randomly turned to the boy next to you at playgroup and started cheers-ing your beakers! I’d like to think I’m at least your second favourite but sometimes I think that might actually be Grandma!

Your other great love is Dinosaur. He was a present for your birthday and for a while was just another stuffed toy lying around but recently you’ve become really attached. You like to carry him around and will ask for him (with a gesture) if you can’t remember where you’ve put him. You love the story book about him and as I write you’re napping with him tucked under your arm.

Vehicles and animals are your favourite interests right now. You point out every bus, truck, lorry and tram we pass and listen out for planes and helicopters and point to the sky when you see a picture of them. We borrowed a 100 first things that go book from the library and its your favourite. Where before you preferred books with flaps or feely bits you now like ones with lots of pictures so you can point to them for us to tell you what they’re called, you’re definitely taking it all in. If there’s a mirror or a cat in a book you make us kiss them, pulling us by the ear if we’re not fast enough. There is a cat that sometimes visits us in the garden and you wave to every dog we pass in the street. It melts my heart when you crouch down to look animals in the eyes and gesture them to come and play. Harriet pug is very patient with you but often ignores you unless you have food to share!

You are a boy of few words at the moment but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself understood, you are so expressive with your gestures it’s usually pretty obvious what you’re trying to say, and when all else fails you’ll take a hand and lead us to where you want to go. If you hear something exciting you point to your ear to let us know. If you want to go outside you get your shoes and put on your hat.

Teddy you are in to everything! You can open zips, fasten buckles and plug in phone chargers. Chores are some of your favourite things to do, emptying the dishwasher and washing machine, hanging up washing, unloading the food shop and sweeping. I’m getting used to doing everything at a toddler pace. I hope you always like to help. You’re very happy with some pans and utensils and will play with real life items for ages, you’re always very busy. You have a new found love for climbing which I’m sure will send me grey!

You have one nap a day now, ranging from 1 to 3 hours. 3 meals a day and countless snacks. 16 teeth. We still co-sleep and breastfeed. Dinosaur does too!

You are changing all of the time so here are some things I want to remember…

  • The way you throw yourself on to your front before reversing down the stairs
  • How you come to show us if you have something you shouldn’t before running away giggling
  • Your signs for all of your favourite nursery rhymes when you want me to sing
  • How you love to give kisses and sometimes wake me with a kiss in the morning
  • The hands out gesture that means usually means you’re asking where something is
  • They way you tuck your arms in when we’re rocking you to sleep or you’re sleeping on your front

I’m sure I have forgotten something, I could probably write about you all day. But there are 12000 photos to scroll through to finish this post before you wake!

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved x

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