3 Things I Don’t Like About Christmas

This might seem like a surprising post from one of the biggest Christmas fans you could ever meet, but there are just a few things about the festive season that I just don’t like. I was going to say hate but I’m just too jolly at this time of year for that!

1. Christmas Spices

Cinnamon and nutmeg especially are just not my thing at all. The smell or the taste. Which kind of ruins a lot of Christmas candles and foods for me to be honest. Don’t even get me started on mulled wine!

2. Xmas

The word Xmas. Oh I just can’t stand it. Christmas is such a lovely word, why ruin it?!? Oh and on a similar note ‘Happy Christmas’ also annoys me. It should be Merry!

3. Christmas Desserts

As a Christmas lover and a dessert lover this really is a shocker haha. But mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, stollen… all just a no from me! I guess it comes down in part to the first item on this list.

Are there any things about Christmas that you don’t like?

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Kimberley x

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