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Babywearing with Joy and Joe – Stretchy Wrap Review

Out for a country walk in the early days of my pregnancy I allowed myself to daydream about similar walks the following year, with our new family member in tow. I knew that babywearing would make this possible and was excited to explore our options. When I thought about carrying our baby, it was always in the context of being out and about in places that were inaccessible to prams, and this was the only scenario in which I could see using a sling or wrap. Fast forward a year and Teddy is here and we’re fully immersed into life with a newborn. We’ve discovered that newborns don’t really like to be put down and now we realise that the benefits of babywearing extend way beyond the odd country walk!

I was invited to the launch of Joy and Joe’s new stretchy wrap, but was unfortunately unable to attend due to just being too pregnant! However they were kind enough to gift us a wrap to try out anyway. The wrap is made from organic bamboo and has a three way stretch. It comes with its own storage bag and you can chose from 4 colours or black and white stripes. We have sangria and I love it!

Despite being heavily pregnant I gave the wrap a try straight away, using the clear instructions provided to teach myself to tie it. I’ll admit to being daunted by the long piece of fabric to begin with and thought I’d never get used to tying it. However it is so much easier than I first thought and I was successful on my first attempt, all I needed was a baby! When I first used the wrap with Teddy I was too nervous to let go of him at first so popped down to my local sling library for a lesson it tying it. I was doing it right all along, but having this confirmed by someone experienced in baby wearing gave me so much more confidence. The Sheffield sling library had loads of the same Joy and Joe wraps for hire and my NCT group all came away with one! I highly recommend sling libraries to anyone new to babywearing!

Teddy’s favourite place to be is upright on my shoulder and the sling allows him to be in a very similar position to this, while keeping my hands free. I love wearing him in the wrap. I love the closeness and it honestly makes me so happy and if possible, makes me love him even more too.

In the first few weeks I was perfectly happy to sit holding Teddy all day but as time passed and Tom went back to work after his paternity leave, I started to get a little frustrated about not being able to do even the smallest jobs around the house or to make myself any food. I didn’t want to put him down though, and he didn’t want to be put down either so this is where the wrap came into its own. Babywearing allows we to wear Teddy close while still having my hands free.

Teddy is also unpredictable, sometimes he likes his pram and sometimes he doesn’t, so we’ve taken to carrying the wrap with us wherever we go so we have the option to use either. I’ve also worn Teddy whilst out for dinner, allowing him to sleep while I ate and ensuring we didn’t disturb any other diners!

Babywearing has many benefits for mum and baby including mental and emotional development and the formation of secure attachments. The stretchy Joy and Joe stretchy wrap makes it so easy, it can be worn all day as it stays tied and you just take baby in and out. It’s a hip healthy carrier as it holds the baby in the froggy leg position and also keeps baby’s back in a good position too.

Do you wear your baby?

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

13 thoughts on “Babywearing with Joy and Joe – Stretchy Wrap Review

  1. Love the colour. I was given several wraps and carriers, but Small Boy hated all of them. It was difficult. It meant having to take a pram everywhere. I wish Small Boy would have got on with baby wearing. It probably didn’t help that as I had a C-Section I didn’t really do much for the first few weeks. I should have got it in earlier with it probably. #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. So cute! Ive had the stretchy wrap with all three of mine but used it more with my third. I found it great to give me hands free for the other two and it meant when we were out and about i would be able to do more stuff as my little one would be on my chest. He would fall asleep too and it would feel so lovely #sharingthebloglove

  3. This is such a gorgeous post! I loved babywearing second time around and I wish I’d discovered it first time, rather than being intimidated by tying a wrap. They’re just so snuggly in there, and you feel so close to them. You can’t beat a stretchy wrap for those newborn days, and even when they get bigger too, it’s just so comfy and feels like a big cuddle. I’m still using baby carriers a lot with Ben and we love them! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. This looks very similar to a sling I had with Ben, I think they’re amazing and made my life so much easier!! Not sure if these can be used with twins though which is my current dilemma for when they’re born in the next few weeks! #sharingthebloglove

    1. I’ve seen people with twins in a stretchy! Do you have a sling library near to you? They would show you how. Good luck lovely! x

  5. I’m pregnant with my second baby and I am so keen to wear the baby when it comes. I never did it with Luke, but since having him, I’ve read so much about it that it seems crazy not to give it a go. #sharingthebloglove

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