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To Renovate or not to Renovate…

The house hunting continues. The more houses we look at the more and more confused we are becoming about what we actually want in a house. Well aside from the obvious, lovely area, nice road, off street parking, private and south facing garden, curved bay windows (well that one’s just me), you know, all the usual check-list! When we started our search we were more than happy for the house to be a project, we understand that to tick all of the above boxes we’d need a house that needed some work to be able to afford it at all. But then there’s a project and there’s a project…

The first few houses we looked at were solid houses that just needed some updating, well serious updating, after being lived in by the same person for years and years. Some new carpet here and a wall to paint there to get rid of the granny touches, and maybe a new kitchen and bathroom (as avocado suites aren’t my favourite). But they were in a move-inable condition and we could have lived with them as they were until we had the time and money to do them up to our own tastes.

Those first houses didn’t work out though and somehow we seem to have got swept further and further into the depths of project houses. Knocking down walls and adding extensions are all very exciting prospects. But re-wiring, a new boiler, new radiators, re-pointing, render, windows, doors as well as the kitchen and bathroom and carpets and redecorating throughout? All whilst living in the house? And working full time? How much is too much? Even finding the time to do up this house to sell was hard. Oh and I’m the most indecisive person ever, will all the choices blow my mind? Haha.

Even if we move into a ‘done’ house there will be shelves to put up, pictures to hang, little tweaks to make. Maybe I need to learn to DIY! Or I could just buy Tom this tool belt from Engelbert Strauss as he’s been hinting that he needs one for ages. Englebert Strauss have a huge range of tools, workwear and safety accessories at really competitive prices so we could get everything we need to kit ourselves out for some serious DIY. I love how they work on a modular system, meaning all items can be combined perfectly, so Tom could add more accessories to his tool belt as went along, knowing that they’d be compatible.

And I’ll just keep lusting after free-standing roll top baths like this one from Victorian Plumbing. They have such a huge range of baths to chose from, and as I like to spend a lot of time in the bath this is one of the biggest decisions for me! They have some beautiful bathroom storage solutions going on as well and seem to have a great sale on at the moment too.

So many things to think about. Back to the Pinterest boards I go…

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

14 thoughts on “To Renovate or not to Renovate…

  1. Feeling your pain – we had to renovate our house from top to bottom, new floors, walls replastered, new kitchen and bathroom etc – at the time we were both working, I was 6 months pregnant and I was learning to drive so I could pass before the baby came – crazy times!!! Never again lol #Sharingthebloglove

  2. My pinterest was never used as much as when I was planning our house move! We ended up going for a do-er upper – the whole place needed redecorating immediately, lots of dodgy bodge jobs fixed, repointing, etc. and we lived there throughout. It was tough going (and we moved in when I was 3 months pregnant – not the best timing!), but we did get through it! But even then, we ultimately want to gut the house to rework the layout – currently it just doesn’t work, but we always knew that fixing it was a long term plan involving an extension and a total redo. We’re thinking it’s a 5 year plan at the moment before we’ll have the funds to do it. Best of luck finding your perfect place – whether it’s a huge job, or smaller scale, I’m sure you’ll make it your own. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. We had the same agro when we went house-hunting. We bought a house we thought was all done for us until we moved in and realised it was a mammouth project! Three treatments/fumigations of woodworm, mould in the window sills that hadnt been sealed, wooden floorboards and joists upstairs, uneven concrete and glued down kitchen tiles that took a week to hamd chisel(!!!), scaffolding erected for two weeks whilst new cavity wall ties were put in…the whole way around the house…the list is endless…leaking roof, new felting needed across the whole roof…broken boiler (still broken), s*** tip for a garden…It gets better with time and patience, promise! Hope you find what you’re looking for, we ended up scaling back on our list of wants and must haves.

  4. I’m definitely in the ‘house done’ camp, I just know that I couldn’t live through a renovation and my husband is not a DIY person. Good luck with making the decision!! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. While I love the idea of renovating a property, with four children and a husband who is useless at DIY, I know our limits! Our house was newly renovated when we bought it and we didn’t need to do a thing to it. Much easier for us! #sharingthebloglove

  6. We are hoping to purchase this year and have a budget of 200ishK Because the area we want to live in is relatively pricey we are going to have to buy something that needs *some* work. I’d really rather not because like you say, it feels impossible that we will have time to do things when we both work full time AND have a baby to look after.


  7. We have done both and although I prefer the ease of a more done house, there is nothing like a house that you have worked on and put together yourselves.

  8. I think it is so exciting to come up with ideas and make plans to turn a house into what you want and what suits your lifestyle. We ended up building when we moved almost a year ago now, for us it was the best way to get something how we wanted it. Good luck #sharingthebloglove

  9. We are house hunting at the mo and I’m up for some work (new kitchen/bathroom eventually) but not mega amounts, not with a toddler to look after! Good luck, it’s hard. We’ve been looking since Jan and not found anywhere yet. I’m beginning to think my idea of what I want doesn’t exist..! #SharingtheBlogLove

  10. I feel like we’ve spent half our lives doing up houses, quite often moving soon after so we never got to enjoy the fruits of our labour! We did a lot of work to our current house when we first moved in, but it was so hard with two small kids and both of us working too! For what it’s worth, I’d recommend getting somewhere which only needs slight tweaks, or something where you can live elsewhere while the work is done, as it’s really tough living in the mess for so long! Good luck! #SharingTheBlogLove

  11. I love that bath!!! We are just about to move and we have bought a house which needs a lot of work done to it. I cant wait to get started and put our stamp on it! I really have my heart set on a study / office space for me, no idea if that will actually happen! x #SharingtheBlogLove

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