How to Make a Forest School Friend

Last week I took my class on a  Forest School day. We had a great time out in the woodlands, and as well as a lot of free time for the children to explore, we took part in some great outdoor activities. This little bear proved so popular with the children that I just had to share it. They loved being involved in creating their own toy and some became really attached to them and carried them round all day.


Its a really simple activity and  here’s how you do it…

1.       First things first, you will need a rectangle of material, twice the size that you would like your finished bear to be. We used calico squares.

2.       You need to sew or staple along one short edge and the open long edge, then turn inside out.

3.       Next stuff with lots and lots of leaves! It works best if they are lovely, dry, crisp autumnal leaves, but it doesn’t matter if they’re not. We ended up with a very wet October day but the bears dried out nicely on the radiator when we got back.

4.       Once you’re happy with your bear’s plumpness, fold the top of the material over a few times to keep the leaves in.

5.       Pinch and tie the two corners with string to make your ears.

6.       Tie some string around to make him a neck.

7.       Draw on a face and you’re done! We used charcoal but felt tips would work just fine too.


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