Festive Bucket List

Ohhhh Christmas. Christmas is literally my favourite time of year. I just love it! I love everything about it and savour every moment of the build up. This time of year is just so cosy and magical and special. I don’t wish the time until Christmas Day away at all because I love to be looking forward to it and the build up is just lovely too. I’m still a big kid at Christmas and these are all of the things I’m looking forward to this festive season… (and any excuse to share some photos of Christmases past right?!?)


Chose the Tree!

Ok I’ll admit I’m writing this in front of the fully decorated tree already. We get a real one and just can’t seem to wait until December, even though that used to always by my rule! I love the smell and warmth it brings to the room and can’t wait to get home to see it in the evening. I have been known to leave work early and bring all my marking home to just so I can spent time with the tree haha. I can sit and watch it all evening and miss whatever I’m supposed to be watching on TV, oh I just love it! (Sounding like a crazy Christmas tree lady right now…) I love choosing it and making sure I get the perfect one, sending Tom right to the back of the trees to get the one I’ve decided is for us.


Visit Chatworth Christmas House

We’re doing this today! Tom’s mum is here for the weekend as she loves Chatsworth House, especially decked out for Christmas. I went for the first time last year and loved it. I love looking around the house and all of the amazing decorations just make it even more special. I love that they chose a theme each year and this year is the Nutcracker. If you’re planning on visiting I seriously recommend booking, as the year before last we missed out after giving up on the hour long queue.

Get a Costa Chritmas Cup

This has become a tradition I share with my sister while we do our last minute bits of shopping. I love them and try to collect one of each size, I have been known to keep them as decorations even though Tom tries to get rid of them regularly!



Wear a Christmas Jumper

Who am I kidding, I’ll live in mine come December (although having not yet shifted the honeymoon weight gain they’re all feeling a little snug this year oops). As I already own 4 I’ve told myself I’m not allowed to buy another this year, I’ve stayed strong so far but I guess there’s still time yet…


Visit a Christmas Market

I love Christmas markets and Manchester’s are probably my favourite so I’m really hoping to get over there again this year. We have also timed our visit to Chatsworth so that the markets are still here. I love browsing all of the stalls even though I rarely buy anything and they make me feel ever so festive.


Watch Elf and a Panto

Elf favourite film of all time, not just Christmas time, it gives me all the warm fuzzies. My sister sent me a link for a drive in cinema at Old Trafford so really hoping we make it to one of their showings of Elf! We have also bought my mum tickets to a show or panto for her birthday for the past few years, so hoping we get the chance to go the theatre again this year, I best get booking!

Wrap presents by the tree

With a Christmas candle lit, whilst watching a Christmas film and drinking hot chocolate. I like to have them arranged under the tree for a few days before stuffing them all into the car (a little tricky now I have a Fiat 500) to drive home for Christmas!


Play Driving Home for Christmas While Driving Home for Christmas

After leaving work on the last day of term, when driving back to my parents, after picking up my Grandparent’s for Christmas dinner… just me?!?


Eat a Lindt Christmas Bear

They have Christmas jumpers on this year eeeeek too cute.


Take a festive family photo

This has been a tradition over the last 4 or 5 years, since we all bought Christmas onesies! I really cherish the time we spend together as a four (well 5 if you count the dog, and 7 if its our turn to have the Grandparents over, it is this year yay!) as its really the only time of year we’re all together for an extended period of time. I know it wont be the same forever, my sister is a student midwife and may have to work in future years, and if Tom and I are lucky enough to start a family of our own we’ll probably start spending Christmas together! I dislike change so much that when mum and dad suggested going to the pub for Christmas dinner I cried and promised to cook everything myself if we stayed home! So I plan to really cherish the family time, knowing it may be the last we spend in the same way we have since we were little! (Slightly emotional at the thought already!).





Watch the Santa Tracker

On Christmas Eve, in my Christmas PJs while reading the Night Before Christmas to the dog… now I’m pretty sure I’m on my own with this one!


Bake some Christmas goodies

I don’t like traditional Christmas things such as Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and things with Christmas spices (cinnamon ew) but that never stops me baking lots of Christmassy things, especially for our big family gathering on Boxing Day. Oh and definitely also make a Christmas Dinner Sandwich!




Eeeeek I’m just so excited. What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

13 thoughts on “Festive Bucket List

  1. You have so many wonderful family oriented traditions! Love all the pictures you shared, but especially your grandparents in onesies – too cute! One of my favourite Christmas traditions is baking cookies for Santa with my toddler on Christmas Eve. The run up to Christmas is such a joyful time of year, and I feel like your love and joy for this time of year definitely comes through in this post. #SundayBest

  2. I really like the idea of this posts – all the things that you do to get in the Christmas mood. We’ve been doing some of ours today, got the tree up and went to visit Santa in his grotto. I’m glad you love your Christmas jumper too! #kcacols

  3. Great list. I have done the Christmas markets, got a costa cup, put my tree up and watched loads of Christmas film except Elf as it’s not on sky this year for some reason. So I’m doing well on your list anyway #kcacols

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