Happy Birthday Zöe


My best friend, my oldest friend, my sidekick and partner in crime. My sounding board, my cheerleader, my loyal supporter. Oh and my extended wardrobe. My little sister.

When we spend time together it involves a lot of failed plans and plan Bs, and we’re usually late. We have great ideas, stupid ideas, inside jokes and craziness sleepovers and adventures. So much laughter and of course a few tears. We can have a HUGE fallout, but half an hour later its like it never happened.

She is frustrating, infuriating but so kind and thoughtful, always with the best intentions. She’s hectic and a whirlwind, yet a constant in my life. She’s sassy, fierce, independent and oh so brave.

I couldn’t do life without you Zöe,

Happy Birthday xx

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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