My Grandparents

Today is National Grandparents’ Day (apparently!) so I thought I’d take this opportunity to celebrate my wonderful grandparents. I only ever had one set of grandparents growing up but I really did hit the jackpot with the ones I got!


When we were younger, every Saturday afternoon would be spent at my grandparent’s house, all of my aunties, uncles and cousins would be there too. It was such a lovely tradition and a great opportunity to catch up with the whole family. This happens much less frequently now that my sister and I have moved away, but no visit home is complete without a cuppa and a catch up with ‘the oldies’, it makes me sad to live far away from them. We all fight over who gets to have them over for Christmas Day!

I have such fond memories of time spent with my grandparents. My Grandad used to take us out on lovely walks down the country lanes, singing to us the whole way round and taking sugar lumps to feed to the horses. He has shared so many tales of his time in the Royal Navy during the war. My Gran used to always give us a 50p coin to buy sweets at the shop and now 50ps are my favourite coin and I collect them in a giant ceramic 50p (is it normal to have a favourite coin?!?). Gran baked with us and Grandad spoke to us in French and drew us pictures of wild birds. They taught my sister and I how to play cards and dominoes, gambling using sweets instead of money, and took us out dancing with them way past our bedtime.

Grandad writes a postcard to us every week, even when they haven’t been anywhere or done anything exciting. He collects postcards from their trips away and keeps a stash ready to send at all times. He has the most beautiful handwriting. He always asks Gran if she has a message she would like to add, but then never adds it! I save all of the cards he sends and will treasure them always.

Gran can always be relied on for a long phone chat and a gossip. She’s hilarious and has me in stiches. Everyone at school thought Gran was so cool because she wore trainers and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer! She still goes against grandma convention, I once went round to hers for a Domino’s pizza and film night, with ‘J twenties’ (J20s!) to drink. A couple of years ago we bought them both Christmas onsies and they wore them out in public for our post-Christmas dinner walk.

My grandparents are the loveliest, kindest people you could ever hope to meet, we have never doubted how much they love us and we are so lucky to have them.



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