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Back on Plan with Slimming World

Ok, so I’ve written about my Slimming World Journey before, I’ve promised to get back on track before. I have started again before. But this time I mean it. Well at least I hope I do.

I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. I hate my body, I feel like I’m wearing a fat suit, my clothes don’t fit and its getting me down and affecting my confidence.

I’m feeling really motivated to make a change so I’m hoping this time I can see it through. There are 13 weeks until the summer holidays, so still time to make a difference by then. To keep me motivated and accountable I’m going to update on here each week.

Weigh day will be Monday, so that I’m more inclined to stick to plan over the weekend as well, as this tends to be the time I find the hardest. I will write a post each Monday to share my progress and how the week went.

I’m not going back to group at the moment, as we’re trying to save money for our upcoming house move, but I will still be following Slimming World and recording a food diary and counting syns.

My starting weight is  11 stone 6 which gives me  27lbs  to lose.


Wish me luck!


Thanks for popping by,


Kimberley x

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