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3 Unexpected Things I’m Looking Forward to After the Renovations

Its surprising the things you don’t appreciate until they’re gone and during these renovations there have been a lot of things I’ve realised I used to take for granted until they were taken away!  A modern kitchen, carpet and a builder-free house are some obvious ones but there are some more unexpected and surprising things that I am really looking forward to…

A Back Door

Yup, who’d have thought it, a back door is pretty useful. Being able to access the garden without having to walk all the way round from the front door to take out the rubbish or hang out washing (oh a washing line would be good too!). A back door makes the garden feel more like part of the house and not having to lock the front door and walk around each times makes popping in and out much more convenient.

Mixer Taps

A cold water tap, fine, a hot water tap, not so fine. It gets so hot so quickly, who knew? I really miss having a mixer tap for washing up and being able to have warm water for hand washing without quickly swishing them between the hot and cold taps to prevent burning!


Yes you read that right, I miss cleaning! I know I don’t need to wait for the renovations to be finished to clean but we’re living out of a couple of rooms for one, so there is not much to clean, and those rooms are stuffed to the brim with all of our belongings making cleaning them quite tricky anyway. It also seems kind of pointless when everything keeps getting covered in brick or plaster dust anyway. So yes I’m looking forward to having a nice house that is worth cleaning and can’t actually wait to get dusting and hoovering!

The end of the renovations are in sight so hopefully I’ll soon be appreciating the back door, mixing taps and cleaning, ha!

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3 thoughts on “3 Unexpected Things I’m Looking Forward to After the Renovations

  1. Oh Kimberley, I have all this to look forward to at some point over the next couple of years when we eventually build our kitchen. At this point I’m just excited to get started but I know when we’re in the midst of it I’ll be so annoyed by it all! Thank you for linking up to #HomeETc X

  2. You must be feeling very relieved now it’s all finished! I’ve recently moved to Devon – it’s a new build so doesn’t need too much work but there were a few changes I wanted to make and even that stressed me out! Great that you’re enjoying your new kitchen.

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