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A Little House Disappointment and Re-thinking the Newborn Days

If you read my update last week you’ll know that progress on the house and been painfully slow so far. You’ll also know that we were hoping that things would pick up last week with the bathroom set to be finished and the extension due to start. Well one of those things happened…

The bathroom is finally finished! Well from an outside workman point of view. We still haven’t chosen a floor (and don’t really have any plans to yet) and Tom needs to put the shelves and door on the cabinet. But we’re no longer waiting on anyone else for these things so the end really is in sight.

However there has been no start on the extension. In fact, there are no longer any plans to start the extension. The builder (who we’ve been expecting to start since September and have been very patiently waiting for) has pulled out and says he no longer wants the job. To say we’re disappointed (and angry) is an understatement. It was already looking very unlikely that the work would be finished before the baby arrives, but now it wont even have started. We’re literally back to square one and looking for a new builder. At least we have the plans and permission so are good to go when we find someone, but obviously anyone good will be booked up for months, so we just have to wait.

Its just not how I imagined things would be when the baby arrived so I’ve had to totally re-address my expectations and overcome my disappointment. I imagined bringing the baby home to a lovely finished house. Spending our days at home in a lovely cosy environment and really relishing the time off to enjoy our new home. To having a nursery underway so that there was somewhere nice to keep the baby’s things even before they needed their own room. To having a new home office to work from. To baking and having friends round for tea and cake. To cooking lots in our beautiful new kitchen and trying out lots of new recipes. To having a back door to get straight out into the garden, and for bringing the pram inside! To having a nice space for visitors to come and stay and to having a house we were proud to show off along with our new addition.

I didn’t imagine a house that was still full of unpacked boxes. Or sharing the space with workmen and all of their noise and mess. Or feeling the need to hide away in our bedroom or get out of the house altogether. Or squeezing the baby’s lovely new things into any corner we can find. Or still wearing shoes inside on the bare, untreated floorboards. Oh and I was definately hoping for some Insta-worthy backgrounds!

I know in the grand scheme of things its no big deal. There really are far more important things to worry about and it really isn’t the end of the world.

It just feels like a big deal to me right now (and I’m sure the hormones aren’t helping). You only ever get to bring your first born home once. You only get those newborn days with one once. I imagined it would be such a special time. And I know it still will be, it just wont quite be the way I imagined it. Tom always says I big things up too much in my head and have too high an expectation for things to be special and perfect, which is just a recipe for disappointment. He’s probably right.

All that really matters is that we bring our precious baby home safe and well and that we have a roof over our heads. So pass me a tissue and I promise to pull myself together!

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

7 thoughts on “A Little House Disappointment and Re-thinking the Newborn Days

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your house news and I totally get how you must be feeling, I would be the same. I’m sure you’re just focusing on what you can do and will find a way to resolve as many of the problems as possible. As long as you have a safe and clean place for baby, all will be fine. Take care x

  2. So sorry things have not turned out as hoped. Having said that and I can tell from how you write this, you will get through this and there are much worse issues in life. Give up on things being perfect if you can. I until recently was that way and it just leads to giving yourself a far worse time than you need to. Popped over from #SharingtheLove linky

  3. I was so sorry to read your news earlier in the week, I completely understand how disappointed you must be. Your husband’s comment made me smile, because I’m exactly the same, I always have such big expectations of things, and I think that’s understandable when you have a baby to consider – you want everything to be perfect for them. But really, babies don’t need perfection, they need their parents and a place to sleep and to feel loved and I have no doubt you’ll give them all of that and more. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. This is SO sad Kimberley!! That horrible builder — I hope he feels thoroughly ashamed of himself. I know how disappointed you must be but I do agree with Katy; the baby won’t care!! As long as you’re there to shower love on him/her, it won’t matter what the house looks like. I know That doesn’t help though — I’d be bitterly disappointed too. Fingers crossed you find a lovely builder who will be able to finish the work off. Thanks so much for sharing on #HomeEtc

  5. Oh no! I’m so sorry for you. I can imagine how you’ve been waiting for all this to be finished before the baby, it’s very frustrating! Just give your house (and yourself) a rest! You definitely deserve it 🙂

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