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Well. We’re in! We actually moved in 3 weeks ago but somehow it feels longer. We are pretty much living in a building site. The house is still in a state and to be honest I think it will stay that way for a while yet! Despite how it might look, we have actually made quite a lot of progress so far. Pretty much straight away we decided we couldn’t live with the carpets, I was just too grossed out by them, not wanting anything to touch them and we wore shoes all the time anyway. So we ripped them out. We needed access to under the floors anyway so it made sense. We started ripping them all up and lots of them had lino underneath. After a little Google on how to remove lino glue from the floorboards we then realised that there was a risk on the lino containing asbestos after finding an ancient newspaper under our bedroom floor. Cue massive panic and avoidance of our room with a speedy set up of the spare bed in the back room whilst waiting for the test results back. I can tell you now our spare bed in NOT very comfortable so massive apologies to anyone who has or will stay in the future haha. That was a pretty miserable week of uncomfortable sleep!

Throughout that same week we had a new boiler and new radiators installed. In order to not leave us without heating or hot water for too long, the workmen were coming over in the evenings after spending all day on other jobs. While we were so grateful for this it was pretty stressful to come home to workmen in the house every night, who didn’t leave until gone 10pm. We had no heading or hot water while this was going on and it ended up being the coldest, wettest week you could imagine for June! The front door was permanently open so this left me sat on the sofa, freezing in my coat, unable to really do anything for fear of being in the way! Thank god for an electric shower because at least it heats the water itself! Tom did manage to fall down a hole in the floor one evening and trip the circuits for the whole downstairs of the house, just to make things a little worse. (He was ok! I couldn’t stop laughing. I had been on first aid training at work that day but he refused any treatment!)

All of that was finished after the first week but we were still waiting for the house to be re-wired, so still unable to unpack much as access was still needed under the floorboards. The first electrician let us down at the last minute but the job finally got finished this week. We had lots more sockets put into each room and Tom was amazing at drilling out all the holes to save hundreds of pounds in labour.

The house is once again filled with workmen though this weekend so still no unpacking… we are having the bathroom replaced which is super exciting as no amount of scrubbing and bleach was making the last one feel clean or comfortable. Its still very much a work in progress and I think we’ll have to just use the bath this week as the tiling wont be finished to use the shower.

We’re adapting to life with a very small kitchen, it took some getting used to after our lovely kitchen at the last house. We have propped a board up on top of the dishwasher and washing machine (oh yes we got those plumbed in straight away! #priorities) to act as a worktop and bought a second hand free-standing electric oven off eBay. We have great plans for the kitchen but they wont be happening for another few months so watch this space…

Despite all of the chaos, the constant stream of workmen, the rooting though bin liners to find an outfit for the day, it is already starting to feel like home. I don’t think about the old house at all, and I thought I would really miss it. The drive to and from work feels normal, I don’t have to stop myself auto piloting to the old house. And while its been hard work and stressful, we’re also kind of enjoying it. Its feels like an adventure. Just the two of us, surviving in this shell of a house. A unique time in our lives that wont happen again. Each new development feels like a luxury and we’re be ever so grateful for each and everything thing we work hard to finish. Every decision is ours and it will be oh so worth it when its done.

I’ll be updating more as we go along so watch this space to see the transformation unfold!

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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8 thoughts on “Living in a Building Site

  1. Oh crikey, I don’t miss this at all! Takes me back to when we had ours done. I remember hating it at the time and sobbing to myself but it was so worth it in the end! Hope it’s not too stressful for long! #kcacols

  2. It is horrible living in a house that’s like a building site but its great once you see it all changing to how you envision it, hope it doesn’t take too long! 🙂 #KCACOLS

  3. Soon enough the house will be looking amazing and all this will be worth it. I too would have plumbed the washing machine and dishwasher in first lol x

  4. Wow, lots going on. I remember it well when our conservatory was being done, it would freak me out with all the dust and grime. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  5. I remember when we moved into our first house as newly weds and there was so much to do. Thankfully no major renovations. though. Our retired neighbours would always say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’ It was practically a catchphrase for the next 5 years!!! #HOMEETC

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