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Nesting and Home Renovations

When I got home on Thursday after a long day at work, I was expecting the bathroom to be finished and our bedroom to be plaster-boarded. Tom was off work and the bathroom man was over so in my head that meant two rooms looking totally different to when I set off that morning. In hindsight my expectations were totally unrealistic. However when I was greeted by one grouted wall and one plaster-boarded wall I’ll admit to feeling frustrated about the pace of our home renovations for the first time.

I’d worked late and was tired but I also think my frustration was down to the nesting urge that has been taking over me recently. At 24 weeks pregnant I know there is still plenty of time but I have been feeling the need to have a little bit more order in our lives. We don’t have a single finished room in our house at the moment and as our bedroom is out of order completely we’re basically living in the spare room with no storage and everything pilled up around us. The bathroom will be the first room to be done and while its been fully useable for weeks the last few things are just taking forever and the ‘bathroom man’ (plumber? bathroom fitter?) is only working on it one day a week which makes it feel so very drawn out.

We have an odd few things for the baby already, some outfits (mainly bought by friends but also a couple of sleep suits I just couldn’t resist!) and lots of freebies from Emma’s Diary and Bounty packs. The baby doesn’t have a room yet, or even a single drawer to their name (ha to their name, we are such a long way from agreeing on any potential names!) so everything was stuffed in carrier bags in various rooms around the house.

Tom is working so hard and doing such an amazing job. He’s working full time and using every spare minute to work on the house. I’m next to useless really as I cant do any heavy lifting or any of the manual jobs. Home renovations brought to mind images of painting and home décor but we’re such a long way away from that!

I decided to do what I could to make myself feel a little better about the chaos this weekend. I’ve organised all of my clothes into the maternity ones that fit me now and ‘everything else’. I already had a mass clear out of clothes before we moved so there wasn’t really anything to get rid of, but I didn’t see the point in clothes I cant wear for the rest of the year taking up all of the available storage. I ordered some vacuum storage bags and have packed them all away. Now I have one hanging rail and two drawers contained every single item of clothing that I can still wear, and it actually feels really good!

The Before Photo – Lack of Storage Clothes Choas!

Organising my clothes freed up two boxes for me to sort baby’s things into as well, one for clothes and one for nappies, wipes and mini samples of lotions and potions. I feel much better that everything is all organised and in one place and my nesting urges have been satisfied for the time being!

I also decided to have a bit of a spring clean. I’d been putting off giving the bathroom a really good clean until it was finished, opting for a quick wipe around instead. It just gets so filthy every time work is done in there. But realising it may well be a while before its done I have given it a really good clean and the one finished corner looks very shiny indeed.

I’ve also hovered through despite more dust being constantly created and the fact that we’re wearing shoes inside anyway because we have bare, untreated floorboards with scattering of nails as our flooring of choice at the moment! Clean bedding and an empty washing bin have helped too. There’s something very satisfying about washing drying on the line isn’t there?

I know it will all be worth it in the end. After resting over the weekend and doing the best I could to improve the chaos, I’m feeling better about the whole situation again. My patience has been restored. Which is just as well really since work on the extension hasn’t even started…

Any tips for surviving home renovations?

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

8 thoughts on “Nesting and Home Renovations

  1. I always say do one room at a time, otherwise it does take forever, it can be a bugger to plaster one room then come back and do another later but it means you are in a lesser state of chaos. If all else fails go with alcohol, but since u r pregnant: chocolate?
    Thanks so much for linking up with #kcacols. We hope you can join us again next time.

  2. I totally know what you’re feeling! We moved into our place when I was 3 months pregnant and it was a total do-er upper! We did manage to get everything sorted out just in time (literally – we had our new front door fitted and I went into labour straight after the workmen left!), but it was really stressful at the time, and I remember the crushing disappointment of returning home to find little progress, or sometimes even backwards steps. I promise you it will all be worth it and you’ll have a beautiful home for your new family member. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Oh this is so tough. I remember vividly a moment just over three weeks ago when I was 38.5 weeks pregnant. I had no kitchen in the house. It was 7am and the floor fitter had arrived to fit the new laminate floor. The kitchen couldn’t be fitted until the floor was down. He told me that he couldn’t fit the floor because the surface wasn’t even. It would need a latex cover. He left and then I sat on the floor and cried.

    In the end we managed to get the kitchen half fitted before Cygnet arrived.

    I wouldn’t want to go back to that time! I sympathise. Good luck.

    Pen x #KCACOLS

  4. I have no tips unfortunately but this does bring me back to when I was 41 weeks pregnant last year. Our bathroom had been ripped out when I was about 20 weeks pregnant but somehow was still completely unfinished, the contents of the it in my bedroom amongst other building materials and plenty of dust. The night my husband cleared our bedroom when I was 41 weeks pregnant I finally went into Labour, no coincidence. I still haven’t forgiven him haha. Just try and relax, you have made some awesome progress! X #kcacols

  5. Oh I feel your pain. I remember decorating my whole house at 30 weeks pregnant the urge to sort it out too much to bear! I hope it all gets finished quickly for you #kcacols

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