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Our New Kitchen – So Close, Yet so Far…

I thought it was about time I updated on our new kitchen, you remember, the 6-week renovation project that started early January? Well after lots of weather related delays and the usual case of things taking a lot longer than planned the main building work is finally finished!

The extension has been built and they’ve knocked through to the old dining room. The new space has been plastered and had floor boards put down. The roof is finished and the windows are fitted (new windows and a front door through the whole house actually!). Most excitingly (is that a word?) the kitchen itself has even been fitted which is both exciting and frustrating. Its there but we cant use it yet! There is tiling and painting to be done and the flooring to be fitted and perhaps most importantly the work tops need to be treated as they’re solid wood and will be ruined if they get wet. Argh! The dishwasher and washing machine have been moved so we’re kind of between both kitchens at the moment. It looks soooo good and I cant wait to be in there properly. Would you like a sneak peak?

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8 thoughts on “Our New Kitchen – So Close, Yet so Far…

  1. So far so good. We have solid wood worktops for almost 8 years now and they still look great. Don’t worry about them too much. The beauty of them is that you can send them lightly and re-oil them every year or two and they are good as new. #hometc

  2. SO exciting Kimberley!!! You’re really steaming ahead now!!! It seems like ages ago that you were having all those nightmares with the builders — so happy that things are finally happening for you 🙂 #HomeEtc

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