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Our Renovated Kitchen

Last year I posted a few updates about our whole house renovation and our plans for the work we were going to do. The most recent piece I wrote about the kitchen was when the main building work was done and we were getting ready to move in, so close yet so far! Then I went a bit quiet. We are actually moved in to and loving our new kitchen space, but we kind of ran out of steam to finish off all of the little touches so I never got around to posting the finished room.

I’ve now accepted that its never going to look ‘perfect’, I’m sure one day we’ll get around to putting up pictures and finishing off painting the edges, but at the same time we’ll be living in the space. There will be food splashes and mucky handprints on the walls, the toys will expand and there will always be washing hanging up to dry. And that’s ok, its a family kitchen, not a show home, we live here and we love it. So I’ve finally got around to documenting our new space!

You might remember from previous posts that this space is formed from the old dining room knocked through into a brand new extension, forming an L shaped room. I was worried that the first part of the room would end up just feeling like a passage way to the new part of the build, but that hasn’t happened at all and the space works really well. As you come into the kitchen from the main house is the dining table where we eat all of our meals together as a family and kitchen cabinets and worktops extending the whole length of the room, ensuring it feels like one big room. The kitchen units turn the corner to run along under the window up to the double doors out to the garden. Then the other side of that we have an Ikea unit for toy storage and a sofa looking out on to the garden. The gas fire keeps the room so warm and means we don’t need the heating on at all when we’re just using this room. We replaced the old external window from the old kitchen with an internal window which allows us to look straight from the kitchen to the new office and all the way to the front door, which is a really nice touch to not feel cut off from the main house.

Teddy and I spend pretty much all of the time we’re at home in the kitchen. There is plenty of space for him to run around and play and I don’t need to leave the room to prepare meals or do the washing or dishwasher, and Teddy loves to help with the chores too. Its great to have the sofa in here for when people are over, or to snuggle up and read stories, and for me to watch TV in the evening if Tom is on the Xbox! In the summer it was really nice to look out onto the garden and this year I’m sure we’ll be popping in and out to play once the weather improves and the garden gets some attention.

I love how much natural light there is in the extension space. We wanted to ensure there were lots of windows in the new build to make sure there was enough light in the old part of the room that doesn’t have any windows. There is a large window about the sink and double doors, which both look out to the garden. We then have an additional window overlooking the side passageway and the internal window to the main house. As the extension is only one storey we also have sky lights to bring in even more light. I think if we ever change them we’d go for aluminium windows to enable the frames to be thinner and to create a more modern look.

We have so many kitchen units so a lot of storage! We’ve pretty much managed to fill them all but they’re not very organised yet so I think there is actually lots of space still. Teddy loves to empty the cupboards so we’ve had to make sure all of the things in the bottom ones are baby safe! I store some of his books and toys in them too as since Christmas and his birthday I’ve started to rotate the things we has out as limiting the number of toys and books in his play space means he actually uses them instead of just spreading them around the room. Its also like he gets new toys every week or two as they seem new to him once they’ve been away for a while!

Our new kitchen (and dining and family room!) works so well for us and we’re so pleased with how we planned out the space and the kitchen we chose. The space is perfect for Teddy to play and I can see it being perfect for us for years to come too.

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