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If you read my recent house update, Living in a Building Site, you’ll know that we’re in the new house now but that its still very much a work in progress! Lots of things have been done already but we’re a very long way off it all being done. The next big project will be the kitchen but as we have big plans its a while before work will start!

Our existing kitchen it tiny but we’ve managed to cram in an oven and our dishwasher and washing machine by completely blocking the back door. Unfortunately this is the only door with a letter box so the post has to be retrieved from under the appliances but you can’t have everything can you! We’ve balanced a sheet of MDF on top of them to act as a worktop and bleached the built in cupboards to within an inch of their lives for some much needed the storage. The fridge has been relegated to the dining room though as its just too big. I guess the longer we make do with this haphazard set up the more grateful we’ll be when the new kitchen in done!

We thought at first that we might just knock through between the existing kitchen and dining room to make one big space across the back of the house, like we had in our old house. We loved this space as it was a real family space and very light and airy. Also there’s no way we’d ever use a separate dining room so that would be waste of a room really. However, our old house had some extra space in the form of a conservatory which we don’t have here. So after meeting with several builders and working through our budget we have decided to bite the bullet and go for an extension on the back of the house! We realised there was no point spending lots of money on a kitchen now to just rip it out in a few years to build the extension then, so a few other projects have been put on hold to free up some money to do this now.

The extension will open out onto the  existing dining room and become one large. open-plan L shaped kitchen diner, leaving the existing kitchen to become an office space. freeing up the smallest bedroom to be a nursery (did you see our other news!?!). Extending will also allow us to bring more light into our north facing kitchen by installing roof windows such as these stunning wooden windows from

So as you can imagine I’ve been going a little crazy in Pinterest looking at ideas for the kitchen, in particular L-shaped kitchen extensions! If you know anyone with a beautiful L-shaped kitchen diner I would love to see some photos! I would love a Belfast sink, like the one here, but Tom thinks they might be too low to be practical for washing up. They look so good though, and we do have a dishwasher! (Although I definitely didn’t realise just how expensive they were!) We previously had a solid wooden kitchen worktop and it was stunning, but not all that practical as it stained easily and needed regular treating, which we definitely didn’t keep up with if we’re honest. I’m hoping to find a compromise for something that looks as good but isn’t quite as high maintenance.

We’re pretty far off for all of these exciting details though. We’ve just had the drawings done for the extension and are now waiting for all of the planning applications to go through. There’s some complication about the potential pitch of the roof which I don’t really understand and an extra hurdle in the form of a drain that will be covered by the build. Its looking like work wont be able to start until the autumn, but I guess that’s just extra time for me to focus on the little details! Wish us luck…

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