A Course, a Reading Corner and a Visit From My Sister #LittleLoves

Last weekend was yet another one of house organising and not much else. Why is it that once you start you just find more and more that needs doing! I’m starting to think its never ending. My lovely sister popped over on Saturday and helped me out with clearing out the kitchen. It was really lovely to see her, I hate that we live an hour and a half apart and wish she was round the corner, but I know I should be grateful as she could be so much further away.

My Sister
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My working week was broken up nicely by a course I attended on Wednesday. As well as being interesting and useful it also meant I got a lie in, proper lunch break and an early finish, you can’t argue with that.

This week I…


Ok so still not a lot again this week, but in order to actually have something to say in this section next week I made the most of my early start and headed to the library. I wanted to borrow Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things after seeing it popping up on lots of other Little Loves posts but all of their copies were out so I’m on a waiting list!

I did choose two other books, totally based on their front covers I might add. I went for Vinegar Girl by Anne Taylor which is a retelling of the Taming of the Shew and Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi, which is a retelling of Snow White. I literally had no clue that either of these books were retellings and just chose them for the names and covers. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into a novel again so will let you know how I get on next week. I’d be interested to hear if you’ve read either of these and what you thought?


Yesterday I read that I’d been chosen by Laura from Dear Bear and Bean to be one of her Showcase Posts for the week on the #SharingtheBlogLove Linky which made me very happy! Thank you Laura.


I’ve also been catching up on Coronation Street as and when I can. I’ve only just seen the episode where Michelle lost her baby, it was hard watch and very emotional. Other than that we’ve been watching a lot of Come Dine With Me as its easy watching and we can dip in and out when we get chance to sit down together and watch something.


A lovely little reading corner for myself in the living room. We had a big clear out and moved some things around and I love how cosy it now looks. I’m looking forward to getting cosy and starting on my new reads.

Really not a great photo but the best I have managed so far!


My brightest sports wear for not one but two power walks with work friends this week! Its so dark I want to make sure I’m seen but the clashing colours really are something to behold. I’m hoping that if we start this habit when its freezing cold and pitch black it will only get easier as Spring comes around, right?!?


30 children in hysterics on several occasions. My class seem to have had a real case of the giggles this week!

And lastly…

We’re having another weekend at home getting things done around the house and as much as I’m loving it I really hope its the last one. I’m ready to start enjoying all that we have achieved and for our hard work to pay off.

I hope you all have a good week. I’m linking up with the lovely Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s #LittleLoves and am looking forward to reading about what everyone else has been loving this week too.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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8 thoughts on “A Course, a Reading Corner and a Visit From My Sister #LittleLoves

  1. Ooh, I really want to read Vinegar Girl. Hope you enjoy. Love the reading corner – I definitely need to make myself one of those! Hope you have a productive weekend and get as much done as you want to x #LittleLoves

  2. Oh, the perks of attending a course! I’m exactly the same (although I don’t get to go on them very often). Those books sound interesting, agree on the pretty covers! I would LOVE a reading corner, with a big comfy chair, cushions and candles. Bliss! Yours looks great. Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. Commenting on behalf of myself and Morgana this week: Oh it’s so nice to have family that can come visit and help out. Love the mug and matching cushion on the chair. lol I read Small Great Things after seeing it everywhere as my mother in law had a copy but it wasn’t as good as everyone was raving for me. It’s amazingly written but it went slightly slow for me. You will have to let me know what you think? Loving how you choose books by their covers I do that ALL THE TIME hahah glad I am not the only ones. Thanks for linking up. #littleloves

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