A Facebook Page, Hashtag Authentic and Going Self-Hosted #LittleLoves

Its been the Easter holidays this week and I’ve spent a lot of time doing nothing! It wasn’t exactly what I’d planned but I’ve been seriously exhausted and had a bit of a cold too, so I think its what I needed after a busy half term. We spent some time at the new house with a builder at the weekend and on Monday I went into work to set up my classroom for the new half term, then did a bit of work at home on Tuesday, so I could relax guilt-free after that!

Blue Skies #LittleLoves

I’ve been attempting to switch my blog to self-hosted over the week and I’ve got a bit stuck as it was more technical that I thought, so there’s a chance you wont actually be able to read this at all…

This week I…


I’ve still been reading Nigel and haven’t started any new books this week.

While making the switch to self-hosted I’ve been reading posts from other bloggers who have done the same for a bit of reassurance, in particular this post from The Frenchie Mummy.


Line of Duty, right from the start! We’ve watched every series on Netflix since starting the most recent one last week. We loved it. Its the first programme we’ve both loved equally and wanted to keep on watching episode after episode. We’re now all caught up apart from the most recent episode which we’re still only half way through.

I’ve also watched A LOT of Coronation Street as I was so behind and some Gilmore Girls too.

Gimore Girls Pamper Evening #LittleLovesGossip Girl and Pjs #LittleLovs


I’ve made the most of time off work by trying out some new Slimming World recipes, this cod with lentils and bacon was so tasty, the recipe is in the latest magazine.

Slimming Word Cod and Lentils #LittleLovesSlimming World Salad #LittleLoves

I’ve also made a Facebook page for my blog. I was always a bit reluctant as I was nervous of ‘real life’ people finding me. I’m still very new to it but would LOVE you to come over and give my page a like. Sorry for the shameless plug but I’m not really sure how to grow the page, and if you link your Facebook page in the comments I promise to come over and like your page too!

Oh Just My Little Blog Facebook Page

I also ‘made’ my classroom ready for our Space topic next half term!

Early Years Classroom Space Topic #LittleLovesEarly Years Classroom Space TopicEarly Years Classroom

Oh and we made the chicken coop ready for the house move!

Chickens New Home #LittleLoves


A summer dress on Sunday then a coat by Thursday! I hope that wasn’t all the summer we’re getting, I really enjoyed the sun. I’m also wearing Bronze Bae by Barry M on my nails, from the Molten Metal range. I haven’t painted my nails in such a long time but my toes needed some attention after being nail varnish free all winter (and growing back a toe nail after a hen-do related injury…) so I decided to do my fingers too!

Barry M Nail Varnish #LittleLoves


I’ve been listening to the Hashtag Authentic podcasts after Morgana recommended them last week! I never usually listen to podcasts at all but it made a nice change as I was walking into town.

And lastly…

This Easter weekend has not one but two spa days in store for me! I’m heading home to spend the long weekend with my family before Tom and I go away next week.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and a good week too. What are your plans for the bank holidays?

Orchid #LittleLovesRelaxing Bath #LittleLoves

I’m linking up with the lovely Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s #LittleLoves and am looking forward to reading about what everyone else has been loving this week too.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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