First Baby Clothes, The Versions of Us and Summer Holiday Adventures #LittleLoves

I’ve been having a lovely and pretty busy summer holidays. I’ve met up with lots of different friends, celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Bath and been away with my sister for a couple of days. Its always a fine balance between catching up with everyone I don’t get to see during term time, getting things done around the house and actually having some down time too!

Over the summer I have…


I haven’t read as much as I expected to over the summer holidays as I started a book I ended up finding quite hard to read! I picked up ‘The Versions of Us’ from the library a few weeks ago as it was described as a cross between One Day and Mad Men and had great reviews. I don’t know if its just my baby brain though but I found it really hard to follow at first and it put me off from picking it up in the evening. I persevered though and actually ended up enjoying it towards the end. I’m looking forward to getting into something new now.


We’ve found that there hasn’t been a lot on TV that we both want to watch really. We’ve seen a few more episodes of Better Call Saul and then just caught random episodes of Midsommer Murders and Come Dine With Me! Oh we have enjoyed watching Normal for Norfolk about Wiveton Hall as we’ve been visiting there for years for fruit picking and delicious breakfasts, its interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes.

We also watched baby moving around again at our 20 week scan, I can’t believe that we know have to wait another 20ish weeks (all being well) to see baby again when he/she is born!


I made my first baby purchases! (Does that count?!?) I hadn’t bought a single item for baby myself up to now (although we have received some things from friends and family) but after our scan I felt more comfortable baby shopping. We haven’t got any of the big stuff yet but I fond some really lovely gender neutral clothing items in Boots and Tesco that I couldn’t resist. I think the only other clothes I’ll buy before baby is here are just some plain white baby grows and vests, so it was nice to chose a few special pieces too.


The same few maternity items really. Every time I get back from staying with friends or family or going away for a few days I have to have a mad washing and drying sessions to turn around the few items that actually fit in time to go away again! It seems silly to buy anymore casual clothes though as when I’m back at work they’ll only see the light of day at weekends. This striped t-shirt and maternity jeans from H&M are firm favourites at the moment. I do love a bump in stripes!


Over the summer I have had the chance to have a proper catch up with lots of friends I hadn’t seen for a while and its been really lovely to hear what has been going on in their lives. I hate how work can take over your life and prevent you from seeing people as often as you’d like, so I’ve really been making the most of the summer holidays.

And lastly…

I can’t believe how close the end of the summer holidays are! I’m popping into work today but can’t set up my classroom because its part way though having a new floor fitted which wont be finished until the Saturday before we’re back to school on the Monday. Super stressful but out of my control so I’m going to try and forget about it and enjoy the last week of the holidays. Tom is off for the whole week and we’ve got a cottage booked near the Lakes. I cant wait!

I’m linking up with the lovely Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s #LittleLoves and am looking forward to reading about what everyone else has been loving this week too.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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Kimberley x

5 thoughts on “First Baby Clothes, The Versions of Us and Summer Holiday Adventures #LittleLoves

  1. Baby scans are the best. I have that book on my to read pile. I loved buying the first few baby items. Enjoy your trip to the lakes. I love it there #littleloves

  2. It sounds like the summer holidays have treated you well, with some rest & relaxation before the return to work.

    Your 20 weeks bump picture is too cute, as are the baby clothes you picked up! The cottage by the lakes sounds just lovely; enjoy the time whilst you can.

    Happy weekend!

  3. I loved Versions of Us but I’m so with you on it being hard to follow at times. I remember having to flick back and forth to see who was who and what was happening!
    You have such a cute bump and I am loving the baby clothes! xx

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