Back to Work, 5 Ingredients and The Positive Birth Company #LittleLoves

Oops where did Friday go? The fact that I’m a day late with this post just shows how fast the week has flown and how exhausted I’ve been! Going back to work has been hard, I think my body thought we were done for maternity leave after 11 days off so being back at work was a shock to the system!

Last weekend was a pretty lazy one in the end and just consisted of knitting, napping and housework, super exciting. We chose some samples of paint try for our bedroom as the plastering has finally been finished this week. After my home renovation update earlier in the week there has actually been some progress and the bathroom is finished (apart from the floor, we’ve decided floors don’t count) and we’re impatiently waiting for the plaster in the bedroom to dry so we can hopefully get started with the painting this weekend.

This week I…


Not a lot this week, I’ve just been too exhausted come bedtime. I’ve managed a few pages of A Night in With Grace Kelly but it hasn’t really gripped me. I always have to finish a book I’ve started though so will keep going until its done, does anyone else do this too?


Yesterday morning I saw a tweet from Hannah Maggs saying her friend Siobhan from the Positive Birth Company had uploaded some hypnobirthing videos and I literally watched all of them as I was getting ready for work. They were really interesting and useful and I’d really recommend them to anyone considering hypnobirthing.


I think I mentioned last week that we’d bought Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients book and this week we made the pork stir-fry recipe, it unfortunately ended up being a lot of effort and not that tasty, so disappointing!

I did make something tasty this week though in the form of hot chocolate with marshmallows to enjoy with my first festive treat of the year!


Nothing exciting but I have ordered some maternity Christmas Pyjamas which should arrive tomorrow! I’ve seen lots of other people wearing festive PJs over on Instagram so I’m glad I’ll be able to join them soon.


Baby’s heartbeat again at my midwife appointment on Monday, lovely.

Have you heard that Jenny from Let’s Talk Mummy has started a new Bumps & Babies linky? I’m so excited as I’ve been looking for somewhere to share my pregnancy updates for a while. If you have any pregnancy or baby posts to share be sure to head over to her blog to join in.

And lastly…

I’m linking up with the lovely Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s #LittleLoves and am looking forward to reading about what everyone else has been loving this week too.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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One thought on “Back to Work, 5 Ingredients and The Positive Birth Company #LittleLoves

  1. Thanks for sharing that video! I’ve got a few pregnant friends at the mo and I’ve been trying to get them on board with hypnobirthing so I’ll have to send them the link.
    Have a lovely week! xx

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