Christmas Holidays, Me Before You and Driving Home for Christmas #LittleLoves

Hooray for the Christmas holidays! I finished work last Friday and its such a good feeling, but it scares me how fast this first week has gone! I had my work night out Friday then Tom and I went to stay with some friends in Nottingham (where we met at uni) for dinner, drinks and Christmas markets. 


I popped into school on Monday to set up my classroom for next half term, then spent the afternoon with my work friends. Tuesday was spent at home alllll day, my favourite kind of day. I’d planned on a full day relaxing but apparently I can’t relax until the whole house is clean! Wednesday I ran some errands then Thursday Tom was off and we spent the day together before I drove over to my parents’ house where I’m spending Christmas. Tom and I have never spent a Christmas together, and the first year as a married couple hasn’t changed this! It is a bit sad but we both love to spend Christmas with our families, and as they’re over 4 hours apart its just not feasible to do both!


Here are my little loves for this week…


Really not a lot, again! Its terrible. I will have something to report here for next week, promise!


Me Before You, finally! I’ve been wanting to watch it ever since reading the book on honeymoon in August but only just got round to it. I went to a friend from work’s house on Monday afternoon to watch it with blankets, snacks and of course lots of tissues!


Tom and I watched the last couple of episodes of The Apprentice. The interviews always make me squirm but I enjoyed the final. I was happy with the results, I wont spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it though!


… a start on my wrapping, does that count? I’ve wrapped everything I’ve bought so far, but still have a few bits to get! I also made my classroom ready for next half term’s Frozen topic. Oh and I made myself a festive hot chocolate to drink in the bath (really clutching at straws here haha)




Christmas jumpers!


My Christmas CD while driving home for Christmas. I finally found it out and listened to it on repeat in the car. There was a strange Christmas rap on there that I’m sure I’d never heard before despite owning the CD for years!

And lastly…

I’m off to Manchester today for some last minute shopping with my sister, then we’re off to a drive in cinema to see Elf and I’m so excited!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a lovely festive week x

I’m linking up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat again for this week’s #littleloves, I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been up to this week too!

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x


5 thoughts on “Christmas Holidays, Me Before You and Driving Home for Christmas #LittleLoves

  1. A festive hot chocolate ALWAYS counts 😉 I haven’t watched any of The Apprentice this year, it just depressed me too much in a year which has been depressing enough, but I’m definitely off to sniff out the spoilers haha. Hope you have a brilliant Christmas, even if it is apart from your husband x #LittleLoves

  2. We did the separate family celebrations until we got married then we started alternating who’s family we had christmas day with. Then we see the other side after boxing day. Our families are only an hour apart though. I’ve seen a few drive in cinemas around here. Love Elf. This is the first year I’ve not watched the apprentice. I’m watching a lot less TV since I had my second baby (she wakes a lot in the night!)

  3. Oh my goodness a drive thru cinema showing Elf?! Sounds like Christmas perfection to me.
    Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas even while being apart from your husband xx

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