Christmas PJs, Christmas Books and Christmas Songs #LittleLoves

Well I went from being late with my Little Loves to missing a few weeks altogether. Life has felt super busy and I’m one tired pregnant lady so I just haven’t managed to find the time. I’m still plodding along at work and the weekend before last we spent decorating our bedroom. Tom worked hard in the evenings too and last Friday we finally moved back in, just in time for his Mum coming to stay. It’s not finished but I love it already!

My sister came up for a girly shopping day on Saturday, or so I thought. She told me she’d booked a table for lunch and when we arrived lots of friends and family were waiting for a surprise baby shower! We had a lovely afternoon of pizza, cake and some of my favourite ladies. Baby Welbank and I were super spoilt.

The midwife came for a home visit this afternoon and instead of plodding through the to-do list I decided to give myself a break so had a bath and am watching a festive film with a hot chocolate as I write.

So here are my Little Loves for the past few weeks. Recently I’ve…


I went to return a book at the library the other week and couldn’t resist the festive selection, so picked up 4 Christmas novels. I’m currently reading ‘A Proper Family Christmas’ after reading the prequel ‘A Proper Family Holiday’ over the summer. It’s the perfect festive easy read for this tired pregnant lady at this time of year. I loved reading a couple of chapters in the bath this afternoon with some candles while listening to the hail outside.


I’m watching a Elf as I type. It’s my ultimate favourite Christmas film! What is yours?

We’ve also been really enjoyed Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild. Their homes make our renovation project feel like luxury!


The walls of our room a different colour when I painted them…?

And the Christmas tree look pretty when I decorated it…?

It’s not really up to our usual standard and smaller than the tree we’d usually get but it’s perfect for in the middle of a home renovation at 8 months pregnant. And I love it all the same.


On Sunday I spent the day in my Christmas pyjamas washing teeny tiny baby clothes and organising the lovely gifts from the baby shower. I’m back in them now for Elf.


I’ve heard my first Christmas songs of the year this week, on the radio and also whilst decorating the tree. Oh unless you count the Christmas performance songs, my class have been practicing those for weeks!

And lastly…

I’m planning on heading over to my parents’ house at the weekend to celebrate my Mum’s birthday. However the forecast is snow! So maybe a drive through the Peak District isn’t my best idea. I’m hoping it holds off until next week. I love snow and would LOVE a snow day, but I don’t want my plans to be ruined!

I’m linking up with Morgana from Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s Little Loves as always. Head to see what she and lots of other bloggers have been loving this week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

7 thoughts on “Christmas PJs, Christmas Books and Christmas Songs #LittleLoves

  1. Oh what a wonderful surprise! Your sister did a good job organising it and keeping it a secret. I bet you had such a lovely time.
    So pleased to see the house is coming together, you really have had a busy time of it lately. I bet you can’t wait for the end of term!
    Enjoy the weekend, fingers crossed the snow holds off xx

  2. Oh your tree looks amazing and I loved your baby shower post too. So lovely and such a fab surprise and time of year to celebrate too. You are super busy girl. Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. #littleloves

  3. How wonderful! The baby shower sounds like it was lovely! How lovely of your sister to organise! Your tree looks lovely! Have a wonderful weekend, popping over from Little Loves

  4. Sounds like we’ve been having quite a similar few weeks: Christmas stuff, pregnancy appointments and all the food! I’m still saving my ultimate Christmas film (Muppets Christmas Carol) for nearer the big day. Watched Elf the other day for the first time and loved it!

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