Fireworks, a Bobble Hat and This Time Next Year #LittleLoves

Our week started with my cousins 21st Birthday party on Saturday evening. We had a lovely time with my family but it was nearly a two hour drive each way so we were pretty late back that night. Sunday was a little lazy, apart from a trip to Tesco because we never got round to placing an online order (booo!) and a visit to a house that’s up for sale for a nosey (outside only, we didn’t book a viewing). I woke up with a horrible headache that took most of the day to shift.

This week we’ve had parent’s evening at work which resulted in two extra late finishes. Those are also two evenings where all the normal after school work doesn’t get done so it ends up being a busy week all round. I was very disappointed Wednesday morning when the world wasn’t white as I had my heart set on a snow day! Its dark so so early so I feel like I don’t really get an evening at all. When its dark and cold I think its extra important to appreciate the little things so here are my Little Loves for this week.

This week I…


I’m still reading The Forever Girl from last week. I’m still really enjoying it and look forward to reading it before I go to sleep, but this week has been so busy that I’ve only managed a couple of pages.


Fireworks! We had some lovely fireworks at my cousin’s birthday party on Saturday night and also saw lots of others from our window and whilst driving around. Here is me with my sister and cousin enjoying our sparklers.


A bit late but I also watched the first episode of ‘This Time Next Year’ with Davina McCall that was on last week. Did anyone else catch it? I literally cried the whole way through curled up under a blanket on Sunday afternoon. Such inspiring stories and so much can change in a year can’t it! If Sarah-Jayne can lose 10 stone in a year I really can lose this extra 2 stone I seem to be hanging on to. I’ll definitely be watching the rest of the series, but not sure when as Tom doesn’t want to!


I also watched the lilies open in my beautiful bouquet from Prestige Flowers.



I mentioned in last week’s post that I was baking for my cousin’s 21st but I hadn’t quite finished to share a photo with you so thought I would now. Homer and Duff sponge cakes, brownies, key lime pie and meringues, all gluten-free! They didn’t exactly look professional but I was pleased with how they turned out, and everyone loved them. Judging by how fast they disappeared I’d say they tasted pretty good too!



Lots of layers, a bobble hat and a scarf for watching fireworks on Saturday. It really felt so wintery, where did Autumn go?!? Wednesday was super cold and a little bit snowy so I wore a lot of layers that day too!


A few snippets of Bastille at the Manchester Arena on Sunday night from my sister’s snapchat! She went to see them with my mum but it was too far for me to go on a school night boooo.

And lastly…

I’m off to stay with a university friend in Northern Ireland this weekend so I’m rushing off after work this evening to try to get to Manchester airport at rush hour and fly to Belfast by myself, wish me luck!

I’m linking up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat again for this week’s #littleloves, I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been up to this week too!

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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0 thoughts on “Fireworks, a Bobble Hat and This Time Next Year #LittleLoves

  1. Gosh those cakes really are amazing – well done you! Lilies are my favourite flower too as I had them in the decorations at my wedding. They smell so lovely don’t they? Shame you couldn’t get to see Bastille, they really were so good! Have a relaxing weekend. x

  2. Wow, those cakes look amazing – especially your Homer one! I wish I had the patience. As a fellow teacher I’ve also had two late nights this week. One for 6th form open evening, the other to watch my Y10 students perform in our local theatre. It makes seeing my little one and keeping on top of the housework very difficult! Enjoy your weekend with your friend xx

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