Pumpkins, a Christmas Jumper and Better Call Saul #LittleLoves

Happy Friday! And hello half term! I’ve noticed that a lot of people seemed to be off this week but next week is half term for us. Thanks to working on Saturday and a couple of twilight training sessions coming up, I also have yesterday and today off giving a good long stretch, and oh boy am I ready for the rest. Yesterday I somehow managed three whole naps! Two were in the car on the three and a half hour journey down to the in-laws though so I feel that’s acceptable.

This week has been the usual busyness of the run up to a school holiday with lots of things to finish, loose ends to tie up and preparations for next half term too. Working Saturday really was a shock to the system but the training was really interesting and very useful so was worth doing. I was pretty useless after it though and had the slowest of Sundays at home. As well as work being busy we also had our first NCT antenatal class on Wednesday. Its a rush to get back from work on time, and it finishes at my usual bedtime haha, but we enjoyed the first session and it seems like it will be really worth doing. In amongst all of the busyness these are the things I’ve enjoyed.

This week I…


How to Stop Time. Again. I know, I’m reading very slowly at the moment. I think half term will give me some more time to catch up though so I’ll hopefully have something new to report next week.


We’re not the type of couple that really gets into a box set and watches it religiously until its done. It took us years to finish Breaking Bad. We started Better Call Saul months ago and after watching a few episodes we kinda got out of the habit and hadn’t watched any for ages. Over the past couple of weeks though we’ve found ourselves without anything to watch most evenings so have got back into the series and are really enjoying it. We’re just about to watch season three.


We stumbled across Jamie’s 5 ingredients TV programme by accident one day and saw him make this sausage carbonara. It looked really simple and tasty so we decided to have a go. We cheated and added a 6th ingredient in the form of mushrooms as we felt it needed some more vegetables. Aside from being a little dry it was really nice. We’ve got into a bit of a rut food wise and make the same things most weeks, so any suggestions of simple mid-week meal recipes would be gratefully received…


On Tuesday my class all wore their Halloween outfits for a little photo shoot. Each year the PFA produce a calendar to sell to parents and every class is responsible for one month. The past couple of years I’ve chosen October as the timing of the photo is perfect and I know they’ll all have Halloween costumes easily accessible. I also decorate our house for Halloween so usually have lots of props handy, although due to the building-site like nature of our house at the moment I had to borrow some this time. Is it acceptable for a 28-year-old currently childless adult to decorate for Halloween… Obviously I can’t share the photo with you but trust me it was super cute, as were the pumpkins I obviously HAD to buy for the occasion.

We have 11 classes in our school which leaves December free for the staff’s Christmas jumper photo! I have a serious thing for Christmas jumpers so love the excuse to get them out early. Being heavily pregnant this year means that non of my usual festive knits (there are lots) come anywhere near close to fitting *sob* and I’ll admit to starting the search for a maternity Christmas jumper in August… I’m so so happy with this one from JoJo Maman Bebe and love that its actually just a t-shirt material, as if you’ve seen my 30 week pregnancy update you’ll know I’m too hot all of the time at the moment!


At our first NCT class on Wednesday we heard a lot about the different stages of labour. There wasn’t really anything new that I hadn’t already heard or read about it but it was nice to discuss with other people and see it all laid out as a timeline too. It actually made me quite excited to give birth!

And lastly…

We drove down to my in-laws yesterday afternoon, to be welcomed with a roast on the table! We have a couple of days here in Norfolk before we head London-way to stay with Tom’s sister, brother-in-law and their new baby. After that we have two nights away just the two of us before heading home to a hopefully plastered bedroom and some time to get things done around the house. I’m pretty excited for lie-ins, naps and hotel breakfasts!

I’m linking up with the lovely Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s #LittleLoves and am looking forward to reading about what everyone else has been loving this week too.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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Kimberley x

5 thoughts on “Pumpkins, a Christmas Jumper and Better Call Saul #LittleLoves

  1. Awww don’t you have the cutest bump! Love your school’s idea of having a photoshoot for each month – well done on bagging Halloween ? First time linking up with #LittleLoves, nice to meet you!

  2. 3 naps in one day, that’s quite an achievement! Love your christmas jumper. I remember the being hot all the time thing. I’m so lucky I wasn’t heavily pregnant during the summer as I had my youngest in Spain and even in December I was sweating buckets and had to have a fan on me constantly – so attractive! Hope you’re having a lovely time with your inlaws x

  3. That Christmas jumper is just adorable. The calendar is a lovely idea. Sausage carbonara is something I think my fussy lot would eat I must give it a go. Have a lovely half-term break x #LittleLoves

  4. You can’t beat naps in the car can you, and love your Christmas jumper. I have been toying with getting the Jamie Oliver book which I guess accompanies the TV series as we too are stuck in a meal rut at the moment. Your meal looks delicious and I guess there is no harm in cheating a little #littleloves x

  5. Your Christmas jumper is fab! I know just what you mean about feeling hot all the time. I was pregnant with my youngest over Christmas (due early Jan) and I was so hot and fed up!
    Hope you’ve had a good week this week and sorry I’m so late in popping by and commenting xx

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