Snow, a Fox and a Hole in the Ceiling #LittleLoves

Well the snow did spoil my plans to go to my Mum and Dad’s last weekend! It snowed here and there but the worst snow was across the Peak District making the journey unsafe. I was pretty disappointed and moped about for a while but then managed to have both a relaxing and productive weekend in the end. I packed mine and baby’s hospital bags, washed the snuzpod bedding, cleaned my dressing table after it got covered in plaster and brick dust and drank hot chocolates in front of the tree!


I’ve finished my first festive novel and have moved on to the next – Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery. Neither are gripping novels but easy readers which are great for this very tired pregnant lady and good for getting into the festive spirit.


My mum open her birthday presents over FaceTime after the snow stopped me being there to celebrate with her at the weekend.

I also watched the snow fall on Wednesday evening. Such a heavy snow shower and unexpected as I thought the snow was finished after the weekend. I also watched a fox wandering to the middle of our road in the snow! I didn’t manage to get a picture but the footprints were there to see the next morning.


A festive bucket list! You can read it here. I’ve already ticked a few things off the list so far.


Christmas PJs again! And today I’ll be wearing my Christmas jumper for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.


‘Don’t look I’m cutting a hole in the ceiling…’ as I walked through the door last night!

And lastly…

I’m out for the work’s Christmas party this evening, well the bowling and food part, I’m not going out out! Then we have friends over for the day tomorrow. On Sunday I’m hoping we can put together the SnuzPod and get a few more things finished around the house.

Then there will just be one more week of work until the Christmas holidays and my maternity leave can finally start!

I’m linking up with Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s Little Loves, head over to see what she and the other lovely bloggers have been loving this week.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep RepeatHave a lovely weekend.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

3 thoughts on “Snow, a Fox and a Hole in the Ceiling #LittleLoves

  1. Love your christmas jumper! Very very cute! Such a shame you couldn’t get to your mums because of the snow! Didn’t it come down? One minute I was looking at green grass and then the next it was a blanket of snow! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. What a shame you couldn’t make it to your mums. We got stuck on the M11 and M25 for 6 hours trying to get back to Kent from Lincolnshire on the Sunday. If it hadn’t been for the Mr having to catch a flight the following day I think we’d have stayed put. Love that Christmas top. And how exciting you’ve been packing your hospital bags! Have a great week x

  3. Your Christmas jumper is so cute! Such a shame that there was so much snow stopping you from getting to your mums. I love that you were able to virtually be there via facetime though.
    All the baby prep is getting serious now, eek! So exciting! x

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