The Apprentice, Home Alone and the Nativity

This week has been full of festive films, festive reads, festive treats and counting down to the Christmas holidays with my class. Today marks the last day of term, and the start of my maternity leave! I actually can’t believe I made it this far, and at 38+2 I’m definitely ready to finish work and put my feet up!This week I…


Despite the title of this post being very ‘watched’ focused I have still been finding time to read this week, in the bath and most nights before bed. I’ve just finished reading Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery, which I started last week.


By the time it gets to Sunday afternoon, the week has worn me out and it’s the perfect time to cosy up with a hot chocolate and a Christmas film. This week I fit two in and watched Arthur Christmas then Home Alone, which I’d never seen before!

We didn’t realise the Apprentice final was on Sunday so we caught up Monday evening. I won’t give anything away but I was surprised by the result.

On Tuesday I watched my class (and the other two reception classes) perform their nativity, twice! It was so lovely to see all the hard work come together and my waters didn’t break on the stage which is always a bonus, ha! Just before the afternoon performance, the star was sick, and a little girl from my class stepped in last minute. She was so sweet and did such a great job, it brought a tear to my eye.


Enchiladas have been a firm favourite the past few weeks, easy to make and there are always leftovers for lunch at work the next day.

Oh and I helped Tom to put together the SnuzPod this week. I can’t believe there’ll be a baby sleeping in there soon!


This green floral dress from H&M maternity for our work Christmas party last Friday. Who said pregnant ladies can’t bowl?!? http://ohjustmylittleblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/img_2020.mov


So many people saying ‘are you still here?!?’ to me at work. One. More. Day.

And lastly…

I actually can’t believe I’m finishing work today to start my maternity leave. The focus has been on counting down to the Christmas holidays like everyone else and it hadn’t really sunk in that I won’t be returning in the new year. Oh or that we’re about to have a baby!

Christmas has also really crept up on me too and I can’t believe the big day is just the the other side of one short weekend. My mum is collecting me on Saturday (baby depending) to spend Christmas with my family and Tom will be away celebrating with his family too. Next year it will be all change when we spend our 10th Christmas as a couple together for the first time!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by your love ones, and a well earned rest too!

Merry Christmas! x

I’m linking up with Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s Little Loves, head over to see what she and the other lovely bloggers have been loving this week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

3 thoughts on “The Apprentice, Home Alone and the Nativity

  1. Aww what a great time to finish for maternity. Ooh I never did get a festive Krispy Kreme this year. I must change that! I hope you’re enjoying the festive period #littleloves

  2. Wow, well done for working so far into your pregnancy! I hope you manage to put your feet up for a bit. I haven’t seen half as many Christmas films as I normally do this year – I normally get told off if I switch away from Peppa Pig or In The Night Garden. Hopefully being that bit older next year he’ll be more into the likes of Elf and Home Alone.

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