Slapped Cheek, Banana Bread and Heart-Shaped Elbow Patches #LittleLoves

Last weekend was the relaxing one we needed so badly! We drove round to look at some houses for sale on Saturday before a spot of lunch and some shopping. There are lots of birthdays coming up this month (including mine!) so it was nice to get organised and buy some presents. Sunday was spent at home reading, catching up on TV, baking and soaking in the bath, perfect!


Unfortunately I noticed a rash on my arms on Tuesday and by Wednesday I had full blow slapped cheek syndrome, caught from my class. Bright red cheeks, rash all over, but by far the worst thing is the extremely achey and swollen joints. I can hardly walk, can’t make a fist and rolling over in bed wakes me up at night due to the pain. Oh and yesterday our boiler was condemned so we have no hot water or heating, its snowing outside and we have a whole morning of house viewings tomorrow. Great timing! Weeks like this its even more important to recognise and celebrate the lovely little things so here we go…

This week I…


Last week I started reading Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler, which is a retelling of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and I’ve been reading it all of this week too, when I’ve felt up to it. It’s a little slow but easy to read so has been perfect to dip in and out of this week.



My Grandma‘s banana bread, which is a favourite recipe of mine. Its definitely more of a cake than a bread if I’m entirely honest, but the bananas do add a healthy-ish element right?!? I had a lovely afternoon baking on Sunday, I find it quite relaxing when I don’t have the pressure of it being for a special occasion! I shared the recipe this week and you can check it out here.


In contrast to the banana bread I also made a Slimming World meal plan as I was feeling quite motivated this week. I find planning my meals so helpful, both for sticking to plan and for ordering the food shop. If I don’t plan I don’t buy or eat the right things, so it really does pay off to spend half an hour at the weekend thinking about the week ahead. But of course it all went slightly out of the window when I got poorly.


After baking on Sunday I carried on with my relaxing day by running myself a hot bath and watching The Pill on the iPad. I found it by randomly scrolling Netflix, I’d never heard of it before. Its a romantic comedy and is a bit silly really but I just wanted something light-hearted and girly as I usually end up watching Tom’s film choices.

I also watched a lot of Coronation Street! I never watch it during the week as I don’t get much time to watch TV, and everything I do watch I watch with Tom and he’s NOT a soaps man. I’ve watched it ever since I was quite little though really so I’m not ready to give up on it. I always end up with lots of episodes recorded then binge watch them every time I’m in charge of the remote!

Since being poorly I’ve watched literally everything recorded on the Virgin box so am open to suggestions for YouTube and Netflix!


It was lovely to actually get dressed and go out this weekend after so many weekend spent in scruffy clothes doing up the house. I had serious love for this cosy grey knitted jumper on Saturday, who doesn’t love a heart-shaped elbow patch?!?

Then its been back in PJs and lots of layers since the boiler broke! Two duvets and lots of hot water bottles have been keeping us warm.

Oh and I wore a rash, does that count?!?


My husband on the phone to lots of boiler companies, I’m so grateful that he’s been sorting it all out. Talking of being grateful, I’m trying to keep up with my grateful diary this month too.


And lastly…

We have an open day for our house tomorrow (with no heating!) then we’re heading over to Manchester to meet my Mum, Dad and Sister to watch Swan Lake. I’ve never been to the ballet before and I’m so so excited! I’m really hoping being poorly wont spoil it and the snow wont stop us getting there…

I hope you all have a good week. I’m linking up with the lovely Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s #LittleLoves and am looking forward to reading about what everyone else has been loving this week too.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat
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10 thoughts on “Slapped Cheek, Banana Bread and Heart-Shaped Elbow Patches #LittleLoves

  1. Oh gosh, so sorry you’ve been so poorly! Sounds awful! Hopefully your on the mend now. That banana bread looks amazing and the jumper is lovely! Love the elbows!! I used to have a cardigan with hearts all over it and I loved it, I wore it to its death! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. That banana bread looks yummy – its always our fall back when i have bananas that are about to turn, if they have the slightest brown mark the kids wont eat them so thats my sign to make a cake! lol #Littleloves

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