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Village Pumpkins Sheffield

I have wanted to visit a pumpkin patch for years but I wasn’t sure if it was acceptable without children and I never found one close enough to convince Tom it was worth the drive, so I had to make do with choosing my favourites from the isles of the supermarket. Taking them in to school for my class to draw and explore proved a great excuse to expand my collection to include different coloured pumpkins and mini squash too.

Then along came Teddy and it suddenly seemed perfectly acceptable to spend an afternoon at a pumpkin patch. I will admit to researching the perfect place to go for weeks. Teddy is not a fan of the car so I was disappointed that all the PYO farms I could find seemed to be around an hour away. Then an ad for Village Pumpkins popped up on Facebook and a quick look on Apple maps revealed that it was less than half an hour away. Hoorah! Add into the mix an equally as enthusiastic friend and I was ready to live the Instagrammer’s dream.

Village Pumpkins is literally a field of pumpkins, a few props, some wheelbarrows and some piglets, yet we managed to spend 3 hours there. We pushed the babies around in a wheelbarrow, took a lot of photos, had a picnic beside some hay bales, finally chose some pumpkins and very nearly left before deciding there were still some unexplored photo opportunities. The combination of a very willing baby, pumpkins galore, stunning views and a beautiful sunny autumn day resulted in some of my favourite photos of Teddy I’ve ever taken. Let the pumpkin spam commence…

Now I just need to convince Tom that we need a family trip to get October’s Me and Mine photos among some pumpkins…

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